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Ain't Misbehavin'

"Ain't Misbehavin'"

Due to shorter commercial breaks in the United Kingdom, every episode of The Muppet Show lasted two minutes longer in the UK than in the United States. The extra segments that were filmed to cover this time differential have been referred to as "UK Spots". On The Muppet Show, they usually consisted of a short song, often a British music hall number, but were sometimes comprised of skits or even backstage moments. None of the UK Spots featured guest stars. The spots were also aired in Canada and other countries which either allowed fewer commercials than American televisions or did not run adverts at all.

Except for episode 103, all of these skits were shown right after the commercial break.

Nearly all of these segments were not aired in the US as part of The Muppet Show during its original run except for two: due to the "running time" of Episode 301 not being enough for a full episode, two UK Spots were used to complete the episode. However, several were included in compilation videos and albums such as The Muppet Show, The Muppet Show 2, Silly Songs, Muppet Hits and Muppet Hits Take 2. Some of the spots were also featured on The Muppet Show Music Hall and The Muppet Music Album, which were never released in North America. When Nickelodeon aired episodes of The Muppet Show from 1994 to 1995, these sketches were usually broadcast at the expense of cutting other material from the original broadcasts.

The UK spots remain uncut on The Muppet Show season box sets and Best of the Muppet Show DVDs, and most are also included on Disney+.

Season 1[]


"Tit Willow"


"(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song"




Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Disappearing Clues




"Don't Sugar Me"


"Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?"


"It's Not Where You Start"

Sung by Rowlf the Dog.
Sung by Floyd Pepper with Janice and Zoot in the background.
Rowlf plays Sherlock Holmes, Baskerville plays Watson, Gorgon Heap plays Fielding the Butler, Miss Piggy plays the maid, and Wayne plays the murder victim. Plenty of evidence points to the butler...but he eats all of it, including the witnesses.
Note: This is one of the few UK spots to have an introduction before the sketch and the only UK sketch to not occur in the middle of the episode. This is due to Pachalafaka, which was originally intended as a UK spot, being retained as it was felt the show needed an extra musical number.
Sung by Rowlf the Dog.
Sung by the Jim Henson, Jerry Nelson and Frank Oz Muppets.
Sung by Baskerville accompanied by Rowlf the Dog.
A Winnie the Pooh song sung by Rowlf the Dog.
Sung by Mary Louise with a frog chorus.
Sung by The Gogolala Jubilee Jugband.
As performed by Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.
Instrumental version with Rowlf the Dog on piano & Zoot on sax.
Sung by Miss Piggy with Rowlf at the piano, and Fozzie, Gonzo, Hilda, Scooter, Janice, George and Mildred in the background choir.
Sung by The Gogolala Jubilee Jugband.
Sung by The Great Gonzo with Rowlf the Dog on piano.
Sung by Rowlf the Dog, interrupted by Scooter.
Sung by Rowlf the Dog with Baskerville, Muppy and Catgut.
Rowlf the Dog on piano.
Sung by Dr. Teeth with Floyd Pepper, Janice & Zoot in background.
Three ghosts chase each other backstage and scare Fozzie away.
Sung by Rowlf the Dog with Sam the Eagle doing the "tit willow"s.
Rowlf the Dog on piano.
Sung by Miss Mousey in Waldorf's tea cup.
Sung by Paul (from the Gogolala Jubilee Jugband) as his house falls apart.
Sung by an Eel with real fish in background.

Season 2[]


"Waiting at the Church"


"Cheese Cake"

Sonny Boy

"Sonny Boy"


Kermit and Sam's prop room conversation


Gonzales and Yolanda


Vegetarian's Hospital


"Sheik of Araby"


"Long Long Ago" Medley


Sam talks to Statler

An old British chap, Burlington Bertie, sings about himself.
Kermit and Sam discuss the cultural level of the show while in the prop room.
Miss Piggy gives an encore of the song that Milton Berle just sang with slight adjustments.
Miss Piggy sings in full-body form on-stage while Waldorf waves at her.
Sam the Eagle talks to Statler, asking why Statler always comes to the show even though he doesn't like it there. Waldorf hangs from the balcony ledge.
Burlington Bertie sings again, accompanied by Rowlf and a Whatnot violinist. Statler and Waldorf are moved to tears.
Rowlf sings about what he'll show you if you show him a rose.
Gonzo attempts to convince Kermit to audition his dancing cheese. When he says no, Scooter introduces them as "Gonzales and Yolanda".
Floyd sings, backed up by Dr. Teeth and Zoot. This clip was reused in episode 301.
Fozzie succeeds in entertaining Statler and Waldorf.
Slim Wilson and Lou sing a song about an upcoming wedding, even though nobody knows anything about it.
Uncle Deadly sings while wooing a belly dancer.
A man who is missing half of a lot of things sings about what is missing.
Note: A scene from Episode 201 suggests the sketch was originally meant to air then as opposed to What a Wonderful World.
Kermit leads Fozzie Bear and two Whatnots in a song.
Link Hogthrob sings to a real pig.
Baskerville, the Afghan Hound and Rowlf (at the piano) sing about how only the Englishmen dare to go out in the mid day sun
The Jugband sing a song about a wild man called the Borneo.
Rowlf learns that Fozzie can play the piano.
Gonzo sings about strolling down memory lane without a single thing to remember.
Note: This is one of the few UK spots to have an introduction before the sketch.
A silly song set in Switzerland, as performed by Fozzie, Gonzo, Miss Mousey, a pig, a goat, Baskerville and other dogs.
Note: This is one of the few UK spots to have an introduction before the sketch.
Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Floyd, Scooter, Robin, Baskerville, the Afghan Hound, Rowlf and J.P. Gross sing a medley of songs by the fireplace.
Dr. Teeth sings to a talking cheese cake and is joined by two Frackles, Miss Kitty, and Beautiful Day Monster.
Miss Piggy wears a wedding dress and Kermit wears a tuxedo as they sing a song about a wedding that can't happen because the groom's wife won't let him get married.
A parody of Veterinarian's Hospital, but with pigs replacing Dr. Bob and Nurse Janice. It is followed by a pig version of Muppet News Flash.

Season 3[]

318 mad about the frog

"Mad About the Frog"


"Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life for Me)"


"Mack the Knife"


"There's a New Sound"


Dancing Snakes


"Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow Wow"


Interview with Marvin Suggs


"I Want to Sing in Opera"

Rowlf sings an English folksong from the 17th century, with Sam attempting to translate it.
Backed up by birds, Gonzo sings a tune about how his love relation with a bird went wrong.
Fozzie gets firemen to put the theater fire out, but has to do it himself when they reveal themselves to be singing firemen.
Miss Piggy and the other pigs act out the story of Nellie, who has a bird on her hat who knows exactly when Nellie is telling lies again.
Fozzie Bear sings the song from Pinocchio while interjecting his own jokes into the act. (This song was also performed in episode 301).
Annie Sue sings a cute song, accompanied by Rowlf (who hates to be called a Bow-Wow).
Blue Frackle and the Vile Bunch Drummer sing backstage and are eventually are joined by a ghost and many other monsters, including Thog.
Gonzo tries to cheer Kermit up with a song, as they try to get to the railroad station by hand car.
Miss Piggy sings about wanting to be an opera star, backed up by Link Hogthrob and other opera pigs.
Robin sings, sitting on Rowlf's piano.
A Talk Spot in which Kermit talks to Marvin Suggs and the Muppaphones.
Robin doesn't want to go to sleep because he's scared of snakes. Kermit tells him snakes can be beautiful; Robin then has a dream of snakes dancing to In a Persian Market.
Rowlf plays Beethoven while the Bust of Beethoven keeps falling asleep.
Floyd and Zoot perform while a bee gets in Zoot's saxophone.
Dr. Teeth sings and explains the true meaning of the lyrics to Sam the Eagle.
A Whatnot Muppet sings about the joy of jogging.
Wayne takes his dog for a catastrophic walk.
Accompanied by Rowlf and a violinist, Piggy sings a parody of "Mad About the Boy" about her love for Kermit.
Bobby Benson's baby band performs.
Floyd sings, accompanied by Dr. Teeth on piano and Zoot on saxophone.
A group of British Whatnots sing a song in their favorite pub. A cow scares them away.
The Jim Henson and Jerry Nelson cowboys sing about their horses, which tend to look a lot like cows.
Backstage, Sam the Eagle has a chat with William Shakespeare, or at least a man with the same name. When asking a serious actor to interpret a work, all he gets is the Swedish Chef doing Hamlet.
Two picnicking people are disturbed by the "new sound" underground, which Scooter reveals to be worms.

Season 4[]


"Act Naturally"

Miss piggy dressing room

Piggy's Dressing Room

Feelings edited



"Knees Up Mother Brown"






"You're No Good"


"It's Lonely at the Top"

418 sam

"Sam's Song"

Miss Piggy's song gets heckled by a tree.
A shark sings about his love for seafood, accompanied by Rowlf on the piano. Three fish sing the backup, a lobster joins Rowlf at the piano, and Lew Zealand appears in the middle of the grand piano.
In a parody of King Kong, a gorilla on the top of a tall building sings about how lonely he is.
Rowlf sings about his late dog friend, accompanied by a group of howling dogs.
Gonzo sings to his reflection in the mirror.
Robin sings with his frog friends.
Something scary is lurking behind Piggy's dressing room door. When Kermit opens the door, it turns out to be M.A.M.M.A., who has been delivering background music during all of their conversations.
The Jugband sings.
The Fuzz Brothers sing an incoherent opera song.
Fozzie sings a song in a British pub, while his mother dances.
Camilla and the chickens cluck an angry song for Gonzo.
Louis Kazagger interviews the Zucchini Brothers about winning their "Best Foreign Act" Fred, even with the threat of all the other nominees for the category still lurking about. (since the Zucchinis took the award only with their names announced for the nomination earlier)
Performed by Geri and the Atrics.
Note: This of one the few UK spots to have an introduction before the sketch.
A dog quartet sings, accompanied by the Electric Mayhem. At the end of the songs, they are murdered with arrows and tomahawks from a mysterious murderer.
As performed by Milton Miller and his Farmyard Philharmonic Trio, much to the disgust of the audience...and the biker pigs from the I Get Around number.
Note: This is one of the few UK spots to have an introduction before the sketch.
The Old Gypsy Lady sings with Annie Sue and a troupe of Gypsy pigs.
An Eel sings about three little fishies going on an adventure.
Floyd and Janice sing a song they claim to be "Sam's Song" to annoy Sam the Eagle, who is busy writing a letter to put a stop to all the weirdness. Beauregard joins them on harmonica, Nigel whistles, and Rizzo dances. By the end, Sam is humming along himself to it, which he thinks is called "Fred's Song".
Sam keeps note of all things backstage that he doesn't approve of, much to Kermit's dismay. The rats, who are responsible for taking out the trash, drag him outside.
An angel sings about the Devil being no good. The devil then arrives in heaven to talk to her, winning her heart once again.
A farmer convinces Fozzie to give his rabbits to him, only to reveal his intent for rabbit pies in song. Fozzie tries to protect his bunnies from the farmer's shotgun.
Kermit asks Sam about his family, and Sam reveals some of his (sad) private life.
Backstage, Floyd and Beauregard try to make the penguins feel at home by playing 'penguin music' on bass and harmonica. On her way to the stage, Piggy kicks the penguins away.
In his own special way, Beaker sings "Feelings", accompanied by Rowlf, Janice, Zoot and Animal (who takes care of the hostile audience).

Season 5[]


"Danny Boy"


Beauregard's Puppet Show



511 gonzo

Veterinarian's Hospital


"Alley Oop"


"When You're Smiling"


"After You've Gone"

Wolfhound and another dog try to win the heart of a female dog.
Rowlf and the gang rehearse a goodbye song for Miss Piggy. They are all sad until they realize that Foo-Foo will be gone too, and they practice another song, "For She's a Jolly Good Porker".
Floyd and Janice sing.
The orchestra, consisting of Nigel, Rowlf the Dog, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Animal, Zoot, Lips and Trumpet Girl, performs an instrumental song in the orchestra pit.
Betsy Bird dances for Kermit, accompanied by Rowlf and a band of birds.
Note: Betsy Bird didn't make the cut after this number.
Backstage, Dr. Teeth and the gang try to cheer Fozzie up. They sing a medley of happy songs, including Put On a Happy Face and Happy Days are Here Again.
Eric the Parrot sings and dances. The Swedish Chef tries to capture him.
Backstage, Kermit watches Beauregard perform Punch 'n Judy. Miss Piggy complains to Kermit about her act being canceled and replaced with puppets.
Note: This scene was used in An American Werewolf in London.
A little girl sings about her runaway beetle.
An accordion player accompanies a romantic couple at a French cafe.
In Veterinarian's Hospital, Gonzo is the patient, and in Muppet News, all library book fines will be forgiven if returned within 3 seconds.
Fozzie and Pops do a vaudeville act together.
Note: This is one of the few UK spots to have an introduction before the sketch.
A gorilla tries his hand at a coconut game at the fair.
Rowlf plays and is interrupted by Beauregard dusting the piano.
The participants at the dance marathon sing a violent polka song.
A caveman sings about the comic character Alley Oop. Animal, playing the part of Alley Oop, chases prehistoric animals around and beats everything with his club.
In lieu of the real Beatles, two British chaps and a group of dogs sing a Beatles hit.
Turkish Muppets sing a song about Whirling Wanda, the dervish's cheating girlfriend.
Foreign dogs sing a song on a red double-decker bus.
As performed by the Leprechaun Brothers: Beaker, Animal and the Swedish Chef.
Note: This is one of the few UK spots to have an introduction before the sketch.
Lew Zealand and the Gills Brothers sing a fishy love song.
Note: This of one of the few UK Spots to have an introduction before the sketch.
A group of British Whatnots travel on a red double-decker bus.
A gloomy whatnot sings about being happy, accompanied by a sarcastic piano player.
The orchestra performs another instrumental piece from the orchestra pit.

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