Uncle Gobo.png
PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1985

Uncle Gobo is Traveling Matt's uncle, and thus the great-uncle of the Gobo (who was named after him) seen regularly on Fraggle Rock. Uncle Gobo is a great Fraggle explorer, and is only seen in flashbacks. He looked exactly like how his nephew is now only orange like Gobo and they were complete opposites. Unlike Matt and Gobo's close relationship, Uncle Gobo wasn't too fond of his own nephew, much to Matt's obliviousness.

Together with his nephew Matt, he shared what has since become Gobo and Wembley's Room. He was very impatient with his nephew's dim-wittedness and clumsiness and told him that he would never become an explorer, though Matt was too dense to be discouraged.

He appeared in the episodes "Born to Wander" and "The Riddle of Rhyming Rock."

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