Over the last 40 years, some proposed Sesame Street recordings never made it to retail stores. This page documents those albums that were proposed but never released.

Sesame Street Records (1974)

On the back covers of early pressings of the first series of Sesame Street albums from 1974, four titles and catalog numbers are listed that were never released. It is not known if these albums were recorded and then shelved, or if they never got past the planning stages. Later pressings of the 1974 Sesame Street album series do not show these titles and numbers.

The titles and numbers are:

  • CTW 22053-Bob and Susan Sing Songs from Sesame Street
  • CTW 22054-Tu Me Gustas (I Like You)
  • CTW 22063-Sesame Street Story Time
  • CTW 22065-Sesame Street Zoo

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