Songs from Sesamstrasse
Released 1995
Format CD
Label Europa
Cat no. 74321 29870 2

Unsere Erde (Our Earth) is a Sesamstrasse album of songs about the environment. The cover features Betty Lou, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, and Grover at a picnic with text that reads, "Die Schönsten Umweltlieder", which means, "The Most Beautiful Earth Songs".

Track listing

  1. Unsere Erde (We Are All Earthlings)
  2. Wirf Keinen Müll in das Gras! (Don't Throw That Trash on the Ground)
  3. Kaulquappen (Tadpole)
  4. Denke im Park an die Tauben! (Keep the Park Clean for the Pigeons)
  5. Luft! (Air)
  6. Müll will ich Haben (Just Throw It My Way)
  7. Ein Teich voller Grün (Pond Full of Fish)
  8. Wirf den Abfall hier rein! (Put It in the Trash Can)
  9. Pflanzen sind Groß, Pflanzen sind Klein (Grow High Grow Low)
  10. Meer, Meer, Meer (Love the Ocean)
  11. Müsli-Mädchen (Cereal Girl)
  12. Der Wasser-Landfrosch vom Inselstand (Caribbean Amphibian)
  13. Geh' Nicht Vorbei! (Stand By Your Can)
  14. Dies' Lied, das ist für Euch (This Song Is for the Birds)
  15. Abfallhaufen (The Garden)
  16. Ernies Pflanze (Little Plant)

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