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PERFORMER Fran Brill Louise
  Jerry Nelson Jack
DEBUT 1989

"They've got big mouths and overgrown incisors" --Munching Forest

Uprights are what the animals call human beings in The Song of the Cloud Forest. The term derives from the fact that these creatures walk upright. Only two "Uprights" are actually seen in the special - a pair of environmentalists named Jack and Louise who attempt to capture Milton the Golden Toad. The "Uprights," in an attempt to save the endangered golden toad, hoped to lure a male to take back to their lab to breed and study. However after hearing the song of the cloud forest, they find that the best thing to do is let nature do its job.

The Uprights' faces are purposely very hard to see. But occasionally, the lighting allows the viewer to get a clear view of their faces.

Abstract puppet representations of Uprights, designed by Jitka Exler, are shown during the song "Munching Forest." These imaginary visions show viewers the animals' perception of human beings. The large headed beings are seen eating the forest and the animals - as, according to Ralph Robin, Uprights only want to literally consume the forest and its inhabitants.

Similar to the Fraggles' perceptions of Silly Creatures on Fraggle Rock, the forest creatures are very misguided in their interpretation of human actions, customs and motives.

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