Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1985

"Upside Down World" is sung by Ernie and Bert in Follow That Bird.

When Ernie and Bert go searching for Big Bird, Bert is the first to spot Big Bird through his binoculars and tells Ernie to do something so Big Bird knows that they're there. But when Ernie turns the plane towards Big Bird, Big Bird says "Could it be... Miss Finch?" and runs away, afraid of being taken back to the Dodos.

Ernie upends the plane as a way of getting the bird's attention. To Bert's annoyance, Ernie breaks into this jaunty tune about a world where everything is reversed. Halfway through the song, Bert's bottlecap collection falls out of the plane and onto Big Bird, who mistakes it for a hailstorm. When Bert finally starts singing and enjoying himself, Ernie points out that Big Bird is gone, and puts the blame on Bert and they got into a heated argument.


  • Jim Henson and Frank Oz performed the puppets in an upside-down byplane 18 feet from the ground when doing this scene.[1]




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