Hi everyone...my name is Andrew Turnbull. I was a busy contributor to Muppet Wiki during the site's formative years in the oughts. Although I'm not really active any more, I am still alive, and I've been impressed to see the content here morph, multiply, and take on a life of its own!

Speaking of which:
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Favourite pages and/or contributions


Sally Cruikshank

Gonzo's Family

Trash Gordon


I.M. Pig

Episodes 3976 through 3980 and 4109 through 4134, inclusive.

Assorted contact information

E-mail: andrew (dot) s (dot) turnbull (at) gmail (dot) com

(There used to be a laundry list of communication methods listed here, but sadly AIM, ICQ, and the various fansites I used to frequent have largely disappeared over the last 14 years.)

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