aka BUL9

  • I live in a pineapple under the sea
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is a job, no duh
  • I am here
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==Gallery of unused photos==
==Gallery of unused photos==
<gallery spacing="small" bordercolor="transparent" >
<gallery spacing="small" >
4088.end.jpg|Big Bird and Snuffy
4088.end.jpg|Big Bird and Snuffy
Gund.setof8.jpg|toys, toys, and more toys
Gund.setof8.jpg|toys, toys, and more toys

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Real name: Danny. Preferred name: BUL9.

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Gallery of unused photosEdit

Possible Sesamstrasse dubbersEdit

Random ideas me and another user (can't remember who. Andrew?) came up with on chat back in 2011, I think. The Jennifer Barnhart idea is more recent, given that Fran Brill has retired.

  • Samson = Caroll Spinney
  • Tiffy = Fran Brill (Jennifer Barnhart?)
  • Finchen = Jerry Nelson
  • Rumpel = Frank Oz (or Eric Jacobson)

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