Hi, I'm Jon. I have numerous memories of Sesame Street, mostly from the 1970's. I am gradually building a list of clips (shown below) which I fondly remember from that time period, and eventually would like to see again sometime. Thanks.

1. Gymnast - eight clips featuring a female gymnast with blonde hair and a blue/black leotard, demonstrating various concepts using various gymnastic apparata. Two of the clips, 'around,' and 'between,' are on YouTube. The other six, which have yet to be uploaded as videos, are 'beginning/end,' 'close to/away from,' 'on/off,' 'over/under,' 'slow,' and 'up/down.' Moreover, I don't believe I've even seen the clips for 'on/off' and 'up/down' myself.

1451-Gymnast 0573x Film-GymnastSlow Gymnast up down

2. Beginning/end - five clips featuring pixilation which demonstrate 'beginning' and 'end.' They are - a man painting a picture, a barber giving a boy a haircut, a woman making a sandwich, a man eating a hot dog, and kids waiting in line at a movie theater.

Beginning end paint picture Beginning end haircut Stop-motion sandwich Beginning end hot dog Movie theatre line

3. 'I Am A Letter' - a film about mail delivery, accompanied by a song whose lyrics include the lines '..to the post office where it will stay, for just one day...'


4. Horses attempt to pull heavy loads of cement in a contest.

Horses pull cement

5. A figure skater skates to the song 'Don't You Know You're Beautiful?'

6. 'Riding on the Train' - A film about trains and how they transport people, accompanies by a song whose lyrics include '...The A Train, B Train, Double C, takes you where you want to be...'


7. David and Maria attempt to find one another in the park, but keep missing each other, due to each other's misunderstanding of whether to meet 'above' or 'below' the bridge. They eventually meet each other in the end.

David Maria above below bridge

8. Batman and Robin were featured in three different animated clips. Two, demonstrating safety when crossing the street (with Joker), and 'up, around, through' (presumably with Clayface), have been uploaded to YouTube. The one that hasn't been features the duo demonstrating 'clean' and 'dirty' (along with Penguin).

Batman joker cross street Batman-AroundUpThrough Batman Penguin

9. Kermit the Frog attempts to demonstrate the word 'through' by having Cookie Monster run through a framed sheet of tissue paper without knowing it. However, when Cookie arrives, Cookie stops short of the piece of tissue paper, then asks if he should go above, below, or around it. When Kermit gets impatient and tells him that he wants for Cookie to demonstrate 'through,' Cookie picks up the sheet (and frame) and smashes it over Kermit's head, saying 'This is through!'

Cookie Kermit through tissue paper

Of the above, the first seven are live-action films, the eighth is an animated cartoon, and the ninth is obviously a Muppet clip. If anyone has any of the above (or knows of anyone who might have any of them), please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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