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Hi, everyone. My name is Jon and I have several memories from Sesame Street, particularly during the 1970's. Below are some of the clips which I'm looking forward to seeing again, after several years of not having done so:

1. The remaining segments (eight total) featuring a gymnast - 'beginning/end,' 'close to/away from,' 'on/off,' 'over/under,' and 'slow.' Three of them - 'around,' 'between,' and 'up/down'- are now on YouTube.

Gymnast-AwayFrom.jpg Film-GymnastSlow.jpg

2. Five clips demonstrating 'beginning' and 'end' using pixillation technology - a barber giving a boy a haircut, a man eating a hot dog, a woman making a sandwich, a man painting a picture, and kids waiting in line at a movie theater.

Beginning end haircut.jpg Beginning end hot dog.jpg Stop-motion sandwich.jpg Beginning end paint picture.jpg Movie theatre line.jpg

3. 'I Am A Letter' - a song about mail delivery, including the lyrics '...To the post office where it will stay, for just one day...' The original version of this segment is on YouTube, but I'm also interested in the 'revised' version.


4. Horses pull heavy loads in a contest to see who can pull the most cement.

Horses pull cement.jpg

5. David and Maria are scheduled to meet at a bridge in a park, but keep missing each other due to a misunderstanding about 'above' and 'below.' They eventually find each other.

David Maria above below bridge.jpg

6. A figure skater skates to the tune of 'Don't You Know You're Beautiful?,' sung by Joe Raposo.


7. Kermit wants for Cookie Monster to demonstrate 'through' by running through a large framed sheet of tissue paper, but Cookie stops short, then takes and smashes the frame over Kermit's head, saying 'This is through!'

Cookie Kermit through tissue paper.jpg

Of the above, the first six are live-action film segments, and the last is obviously a Muppet segment. If anyone has - or knows of anyone who might have - any of the above, please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance.

Also, please check out the table I created for keeping track of the episodes of Sesame Street yet to be fully imaged, sorted by season here.