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Hi, my name is Jon and I have a lot of fond memories from Sesame Street in the 1970's (and early 1980's). While I have always loved the muppets, I also have an interest in several clips from that time that did not feature muppets. Some were animated, others were not. Moreover, with the advent of YouTube, I now get to relive these memories. One of the series in which I have fond memories is the gymnast from the 1970's. I also remember the painter, baker, jazz, and pinball (number) series, as well as typewriter and sand (letter) series. Plus a lot of the Joe Raposo music that is oh-so-hard to forget even if you haven't watched Sesame Street in 25 or so years! If you find anything (video clips or still pictures) that you think might interest me, please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance.

Also, if anyone has any of the following Sesame Street video clips to post to YouTube, please let me know. Thanks. Also, the live-action clip where a scuba diver finds five shells underwater and counts them on the beach is on YouTube now!!!

1. Gymnast - a gymnast (blonde hair, black leotard) was featured in seven different clips. Two of them - 'around' and 'between' - have been posted. The other five, yet to be posted, are 'beginning/end,' 'close to/away from,' 'over/under,' 'slow,' and 'up/down.' (And, personally, I've never seen the 'up/down' one myself!)

Film-GymnastSlow Gymnast up down

2. 'Beginning/end' - five stop-motion clips featuring 'beginning' and 'end.' They are: a barber giving a customer a haircut, a man eating a hot dog, a man painting a picture, a woman making a sandwich, and kids waiting in line.

Beginning end haircut Beginning end hot dog Beginning end paint picture Stop-motion sandwich Movie theatre line

3. 'I Am A Letter'- a hip song about the post office and mail delivery featuring the line ' the post office where it will stay, for just one day...'


4. Figure skater - a clip featuring a figure skater skating to the tune of 'Don't You Know You're Beautiful?'

5. Horses pulling cement - Horses participate in a contest where they keep trying to pull heavier and heavier loads of cement until they can't do it anymore.

Horses pull cement

6. David and Maria - David and Maria are supposed to meet each other in a park, but have trouble finding each other due to miscommunication. The words demonstrated are 'above' and 'below' and the music score is electronic-like.

7. Riding on the Train - a song about train rides, with one of the lines going '...the A Train, B Train, Double C, takes you where to want to be...'


8. Batman and Robin catch Penguin and his gang with dirty windows, and demonstrate 'clean' and 'dirty' while doing so.

Batman Penguin

9. Kermit tries to demonstrate the word 'through' by having Cookie Monster run through a frame lined with tissue paper. Everything then backfires as Cookie Monster stops short of the frame, wonders what to do, and when Kermit tells Cookie thus, Cookie decides to demonstrate 'through' in another way - by smashing the frame over Kermit's head, saying 'This is THROUGH!'

Cookie Kermit through tissue paper

Of the above, the first seven are live-action, the eighth one is animated, and the last is obviously a Muppet clip.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has (or knows someone who might have) any of the above.

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