• I live in Can't tell you
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is Contributor to various wikis
  • I am a Boy

About me

Hi ho!Hihokermitthefroghere here!I am a big Muppet fan and have been since I saw The Muppet Movie.It has been awesome to join the wiki,though i have made a few mistakes(see my talk page).You can call me Fred,which is a pseudonym I use to protect my privacy. If you ever need to use a surname, it's Smith. I'm also an admin of Film Wiki, which I really need admins for, and anyone can volunteer on my talk page. You can also check out my YouTube channel.

I also help out a bit on Smurfs Wiki.

My favorite pages

How else I have been expressing my Muppet interest on the Internet

I am the creator of the fan site Muppet Fan Online.I created a page for it that did not identify me as the creator because I was not sure whether it was a good idea to do so(a little concerned about privacy), but I later decided it was okay. The page for the site was deleted, as it was "not notable".

My favorite widgets

Activity feed

Have you ever used Muppet Wiki on a BlackBerry? Well, you could not see any activity feed on one until now. The Special:WikiActivity page does not work on it, plus the activity box doesn't show. But now, thanks to the fact that activity feeds placed on articles DO work on BlackBerrys, now you can see activity feed on one.


<poll> Aren't polls cool? Yes No </poll>

List of active talk pages

You can change the category specified in the code to make it list pages from any category, like this:

Episode 5007 Episode 3168 Episode 2489 Episode 2409 Episode 1998 Episode 1844 Episode 1595 Episode 1363 Episode 1316 Episode 1309

Or change the number of articles shown:

Kit-Cat Klock Kermit's Caricature Bicycles Fluffster Freddy (doll) Guns Oscar's signs Muppets' transitional objects Baby David Rubber chicken Wiggleprise Saxophone Whoopee cushions The Sloppy Jalopy Motorcycles Hercules Door in a Jar Pogo Sticks Rubber Duckie (duck) Teddy bears Radar Boomerang Fish Snowmen Alphabet Characters Snowbear The Christmas Counter-Downer Roller skates Amy the Dancing Brick Rocco Skateboards Schoolroom Busts Rosie Bræt Fozzie's Studebaker Gonzo's plumbing truck The Electric Mayhem Van The Muppets' station wagon Doozer sticks Potto's books Devices of death and torture Mimi (doll) The Countmobile The Zoemobile The Hispaniola Rag Fraggle Blanket Mr. Mookie Mr. Hooper's picture The Electric Mayhem Bus Director's chair

Before, it was 10. I changed it to 50.

My movie ratings

Muppet movies

I have not seen The Muppet Christmas Carol yet.

Non-Muppet Henson films

Pixar movies

They are all given 5 stars.

Pirates of the Caribbean films

I love them and they all get 5 stars.

Other movies

  • Rango: 5 stars
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