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Hi all, I help run the website and have a pretty good collection of Sesame Street episodes. I hope I can be a good contributor to the episode guide. Although I'm a fan of all the Muppets, pretty much everything I know besides Sesame Street episode content is already here.

Link to the tape trading thread (for registered forum members only). The more classic episodes I have, the more I can potentially post ;-)
Although, forgive me, I have fallen into the bad habit of not responding to trading inquiries until I'm in a trading mood. Don't worry, I didn't ignore you! I just don't want to make promises and then make you wait while I concentrate on other aspects of life. Unfortunately my interests swing back and forth a lot, and I might spend a few months now and then polishing up my Motown record collection or something instead of Sesame episodes. Keep checking your inboxes, I'll get around to it.

To do

Remaining collection of Sesame Street: Season 32 (3962-3973), Season 33, Season 34, about 30 more from 123 Sesame Street (series) (i.e. Season 25)
My Sesame Street Home Video including original cover scans and episode summaries
Sesame Street coloring books
Get Ready Learning Series: series of activity books predating the story books
Sesame Street Books (I have a huge SS book collection in storage, gotta go through it.)
All the Sesame toys and games I have from when I was a kid

We finished the whole run of Sesame Street Unpaved! Thanks for your tremendous cooperation. I'd like to see/do all of Seasons 33-37 done by the premiere of Season 38. That would just be really neat, though at this point we'd have to speed things up a lot.

My Sesame Street Audio Collection

  • Records
Big Bird Sings! (CRA pressing)
Sesame Street 1
Signs! (first pressing, I think)
Sesame Street Gold
One Way/The Opposite Song
At Home with Ernie and Bert (childhood copy)
Every Body's Record
For the First Time (childhood copy)
Follow That Bird (soundtrack) (childhood copy)
  • Tapes (all childhood copies unless noted)
Merry Christmas from Sesame Street
Sesame Street Gold
Bounce Along With Big Bird
Sleepytime on Sesame Street (found it at a thrift store in June 07)
A Sesame Street Christmas
When Grover Moved to Sesame Street
  • CDs
In Harmony
Follow That Bird (soundtrack)
Sesame Road
Born to Add
Sing the Alphabet
Songs from the Street
Happy Birthday from Sesame Street
  • Also
Sleepytime Bird
10th Anniversary Album
Sesame Street Fever
Sesame Disco!
The Best of Grover
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