Favorite Sesame Street Theme

  • Season 24-Season 29

My Favorite Sesame Street Muppet Characters (Rankings)

  • Number 1 Favorite - Big Bird
  • Number 2 Favorite - Snuffy
  • Number 3 Favorite - Elmo

My Idea for A Sesame Street Trio

  • Big Bird, Snuffy, and Elmo

My Favorite Sesame Street Songs

List of disasters on Sesame Street

List of Sesame Street characters who died

List of Sesame Street Moments

  • Trip to Hawaii
  • Death of Mr. Hooper
  • Luis and Maria's Wedding
  • Slimey's trip to the Moon
  • Hurricane
  • Fire at Hooper's Store

Sesame Street Characters in the past who made their return after long absences

Royalty Variants

Picture Character Role Production Preferred Role Name
I'm Glad I'm Me - Big Bird
Big Bird Prince Charmingbird I'm Glad I'm Me Prince Big Bird
Oscar Prince Charming Sesame Street, Episode 3141 Prince Oscar
Prince Elmo - Two Princes
Elmo Prince Elmo Sesame Street, Two Princes Prince Elmo
Oscar The Grouchy Prince Sesame Street, The Princess and the Mattress Prince Oscar
Elmo Prince Elmo Sesame Street, Elmo the Musical Prince Elmo
Prince Elmo - Prince Elmo and the Pea
Elmo Prince Elmo Prince Elmo and the Pea Prince Elmo
Elmo CinderElmo CinderElmo Prince Elmo
Prince Count
Count von Count The prince Sesame Street, Episode 2503 Prince Count von Count
Prince Ernie Letters Ernie Prince Ernie Letters Prince Ernie
Ernie as Old King Cole Ernie Old King Cole Sesame Street King Ernie
Bert Bert as a prince. Sesame Street Prince Bert
Prince Kermit
Kermit the Frog Prince Muppet Magazine, issue 15 Prince Kermit
Cookie Monster King Sesame Street, Episode 4075 King Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster King Cookie Sesame Street King Cookie Monster
Grover Prince Sesame Street, Episode 4613 Prince Grover
King Grover
Grover King Sesame Street, Episode 4522 King Grover
Prince Grover
Grover Prince Grover Rhyming Rapunzel Prince Grover
King Grover - Grover's Own Alphabet
Grover King Grover's Own Alphabet King Grover
Princess Zoe - Two Princes
Zoe Zoe as the Princess Sesame Street, Two Princes Princess Zoe
Prince Telly - Two Princes
Telly Telly as a prince Sesame Street
Two Princes
Prince Telly
Telly king Sesame Street
Episode 3385
King Telly
King Baby Bear - 4103
Baby Bear King Sesame Street, Episode 4103 King Baby Bear
Baby Bear King Sesame Street, Episode 4084 King Baby Bear
Count von Count Count von Count as a king The Sesame Street Players Present Mother Goose King Count von Count
Kermit the Frog Prince of Hearts Muppet Merry Miniatures Prince Kermit
Slimey Slimey as a prince Sesame Street, Episode 4143 Prince Slimey
Oscar The Grouch of Hearts Abby in Wonderland King Oscar
Horatio the Elephant Prince of the Elephants Sesame Street, Episode 4048 Prince Horatio
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