A list of characters with "the" names, for the purposes of helping to organize the Special:Community discussion on Article Naming. (Disambig) means that there's another article with a similar name. "On-screen" means that that name is used in the show/movie's dialogue. See the talk page for articles that have been renamed.

Definitely a source for these

Alexis the Giraffe - on-screen, The Animal Show; all the animal guests have "the" names
Alfredo the Mop Dancer - mentioned as a duo: "Alfredo and Hildegard, the Mop Dancers!" in episode 309
Armstrong the Chicken Hawk - on-screen, The Animal Show
Arnie the Alligator (disambig) - on screen, The Muppet Movie
Baab the Sheep - mentioned in Muppets from Space DVD commentary
Baskerville the Hound - on-screen, episode 208: Steve Martin
Belle the Bubble Mom (disambig) - on-screen, Muppets Tonight
Benny the Bat -- lyric: "I'm Benny the Bat, and I like it like that"
Bernie the Agent (disambig)- on-screen as "Bernie the Agent," to set up "Arnie the Alligator," text preserved that way in the storybook
Bill the Bubble Guy (disambig) - on-screen, Muppets Tonight
Billy the Bear (disambig) - on-screen, episode 412
Bobo the Bear - on-screen, Episode 205: Don Rickles & Coolio
Bruno the Trashman (disambig) - Sesame Street Unpaved (book), The Wisdom of Big Bird
Bubba the Rat (disambig)- credited as "Bubba the Rat"
Buster the Horse (disambig) - Sesame Street Unpaved (book)
Camilla the Chicken- named "Camilla the Chicken" on episode 318; credited as Camilla in The Muppets Take Manhattan, referred to by Gonzo only as Camilla
Cantus the Minstrel- addressed as such in "Junior Faces the Music" and the animated episode "Gobo's Song", as well as interviews on DVD set; listed as "Cantus the Minstrel" on Fraggle Rock: Music & Magic, identified in It's Not Easy Being Green (book) as "Cantus Fraggle"
Carla the Big Mean Mom - on-screen
Dave the Human - on-screen, The Animal Show; all the guests have "the" names
Eric the Clam (disambig) - identified as "Eric the Yodeling Clam" on The Muppet Show Episode 209: Madeline Kahn (should be renamed)
Eric the Parrot (disambig) - referred to as just "Eric" on The Muppet Show Episode 507: Glenda Jackson; although he introduces himself as "I be Eric, the heartless pirate parrot!"
Felix the Fearless (disambig) - on-screen, Fraggle Rock
Felix the Grouch (disambig) - counterpart to "Oscar the Grouch" (Oscar & Felix is The Odd Couple reference)
Fred the Wonder Horse (disambig) - Sesame Street Unpaved (book)
George the Janitor (disambig)- identified as such on Henson.com, The Muppet Show Book, also identified as such by Kermit in Episode 117 and by Fozzie Bear in one of his opening jokes
Gladys the Cow (disambig) - The New Who's Who on Sesame Street, Sesame Street Unpaved (book)
Gonzo the Great- credited as "The Great Gonzo" in The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and Muppet Treasure Island, simply as Gonzo in The Muppets Take Manhattan and Muppets from Space, both "The Great Gonzo" and "Gonzo the Great" in The Muppet Show Book -- might be easier just to change him to "Gonzo"
Granny the Gouger - on-screen, Episode 202: Zero Mostel
Harry the Hipster (disambig)- referred to as such in Jim Henson: The Biography, The Muppets Character Encyclopedia, and various red book posts; no known official sources before the creation of Muppet Wiki
Hoots the Owl - The New Who's Who on Sesame Street, A Sesame Street Christmas (album)
Horton the Elephant- official Dr. Seuss name in books, merchandise, and program dialogue
Ivan the Villager- identified as such in Statler and Waldorf: From the Balcony and in movies.com text [a.movies.com/xml/rss/podcasts/muppets.xml here]
Jean the Genie -- cited as such in dialogue
Joe the Armadillo - on-screen, Swamp Years DVD
Karina the Ballerina - "This is my friend Karina the Ballerina." Zoe, Episode 4091
Kermit the Frog (plus variations) - everywhere
Lamont the Sloth - on-screen, The Animal Show; all the animal guests have "the" names
Lefty the Salesman - identified as "The Salesman" by Gerald S. Lesser, Sesame Street Unpaved (book) and in much merchandise; was named Lefty in scenes with his boss (The Golden An, and an alphabet sketch); since 2009, has been referred to as "Lefty the Salesman" in Sesame Street: A Celebration - 40 Years of Life on the Street and on sesamestreet.org
Lenny the Lizard- on-screen (Episode 208: Steve Martin) and by Henson.com
Leo the Party Monster -- refers to himself specifically as such in dialogue
Leroy the Donkey- listed as "Leroy the Donkey" on The Muppet Musicians of Bremen (soundtrack), at Henson.com as "Leroy"
Marjory the Trash Heap- listed as "Marjory the Trash Heap" on Fraggle Rock (album), Perfect Harmony and Fraggle Rock: Music & Magic, addressed or referred to in dialogue by Fraggles as "the Trash Heap" or "Madame Heap," called Marjory by Philo and Gunge, listed as "the Trash Heap" in Michael K. Frith presentation booklet, listed as "Marjory" in credits for Fraggle Rock (animated)
Maureen the Mink - on-screen A Muppet Family Christmas
Mikey the Cameraman - listed as "Mikey the Cameraman" in closing credits.
Mike the Ladybug -- dialogue: "The name's Mike. Mike the Ladybug. But you can call me Mike."
Morton the Elephant Bird- on-screen
Murray the Mediocre (disambig) - on-screen
Norval the Fish- on-screen
Ollie the Tapir - on-screen, The Animal Show
Oscar the Grouch - everywhere
Otto the Automatic Entertainer (disambig) - on-screen
Pepe the King Prawn- credited as "Pepe the Prawn" in Muppets from Space, "Pepe the King Prawn" on ABC.com bio -- doesn't he say, "I am not a shrimp, I am a King Prawn!" in MFS?
Pierre the French Rat- in comic strip image and at Henson.com and The Smithsonian Institution exhibit
Prince the Dog- named Prince, and credited as "Prince the Dog" in end credits to distinguish from from French Stewart as the human "Prince"
Puppety Sockman the Puppet - named as such by Joe the Armadillo in A Behind the Scenes Look at Kermit's Swamp Years
Rizzo the Rat - Jim Henson: The Works, all movie screen credits
Robin the Frog - The Muppet Show Book and The Muppet Movie
Rover Joe the Hound Dog- listed as "Rover Joe the Hound Dog" on The Muppet Musicians of Bremen (soundtrack), at Henson.com as "Rover Joe"
Rowlf the Dog - Jim Henson: The Works
Sam the Eagle (disambig)- listed as "Sam the Eagle" from 1976-1992 (The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppet Show Book, Jim Henson: The Works), listed as "Sam Eagle" from 1992-on (The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, and Muppets from Space)
Sam the Robot (disambig)- listed as "Sam the Robot" in Sesame Street Magazine and The Sesame Street Dictionary, also listed as "Sam the Machine" in TV Guide
Sammy the Snake - on-screen
Shelley the Turtle- the book Happy and Sad, Grouchy and Glad
Slimey the Worm - Sesame Street Unpaved (book) and earlier book Children and Television: Lessons from Sesame Street
Smokey the Salmon -- identifies himself as such
Socks the Cat- Though the real feline was named Socks, introduced as "Socks the Cat" (see here) and "Socks the Cat" is the trademark used on presidential pet-themed merchandise.
Sopwith the Camel - on-screen, Episode 313: Helen Reddy, in order to make the pun clear
Stinky the Stinkweed (disambig) - Sesame Street Unpaved (book)
T.R. the Rooster- listed as "T.R. the Rooster" on The Muppet Musicians of Bremen (soundtrack); as "T.R. Rooster" on Henson.com; never referred to as either in his one named appearance -- in fact, the R already stands for Rooster
Trevor the Gross - on-screen
Wolfgang the Seal - A Sesame Street Christmas (album)
Yertle the Turtle- official Dr. Seuss name


Arnold the Munching Monster (disambig)
Bonnie the Bunny (disambig)
Charles the Robot
Chicago the Lion
Ernest the Grouch - same "the Grouch" form as brother Oscar; assumption based either on family, or as a form for all grouches with only first names?
Grace the Delphinium - credited as "Delphinium," identified in dialogue as Grace
Grungetta the Grouch
Harry the Duck (disambig)
Harry the Hopping Haystack (disambig)
Irvine the Grouch - same "the Grouch" form as Uncle Oscar; assumption based either on family, or as a form fo all grouches with only first names?
Jack the Dog (disambig) - identified as such on A Berry Bear Christmas video cover (no character identifications in credits)
Jake the Polar Bear
Kathleen the Cow
Lucky the Duck
Mary the Gorilla (disambig)
Mudwell the Mudbunny
Otto the Octopus (disambig)
Ozzie the Squid
Rachel the Worm - surname, see Slimey the Worm (cousin)
Stevenson the Parrot
Stinky the Skunk (disambig)
Taylor the Turkey - Named "Taylor"; the story's title is "Taylor, The Turkey Who Loved Thanksgiving"
Tizzy the Bee
Travis the Grouch
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