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Hi. I'm a twenty-something gal that lives in Dallas, but I don't have the accent because I'm not from around here.

What I think you're going to ask:

  • Are you the same oddharmonic as at... ? Probably. It's my domain name ( and username at places from LiveJournal to Wikipedia. Some people even call me oddharmonic, but you can call me Melissa. Also, belongs to someone's recording studio or something like that.
  • What kind of Muppet/Sesame/related things do you collect? Early Sesame Street albums and books, Sherlock Hemlock items, licensed cross-stitch patterns. I have both of the 1982 booklets published by Designs By Gloria & Pat if there's something you're looking for from them. I have a pretty good stash of Sesame Street videos and DVDs thanks to having a young child and a family that frequents yard sales and resale stores.
  • What's on your desk? A canister of Japanese candies, a tub of Cetaphil cream, eye drops, lip balm, an audio switch, my headphones, a pad of Post-It notes, and a ceramic children's rice bowl painted with penguins.


To do

  • Elmo's World segments and screenshots: "Bath Time", "Families", "Feet", and "Mail"
  • Elmo's World screenshots: "Birthdays", "Fish", "Games", "Pets", Weather", "Wild Animals"
  • Followup with information on Jim Henson Memorial Prize in Puppetry -- I did hear back from someone at UConn!
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