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My 1776 fan art.

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December 6, 2005

just a bit o' nostalgia

eff you, Oscar

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Katie Cook commission

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Regular check

  • WYSIWYG fixes via weekly xml dump (consult my txt file)

Sesame Episodes

Sesame Street Episode Guide Tracking

scripts to do

  • Bertha — Episode 1207 (script describes "Korngold Strings" and "Million and One Strings Falling in Love Music")
  • Episode 2875 — a previous source stated Kathleen Battle appeared in a Season 22 episode with Placido Flamingo and Grundgetta; my outline for 2875 notes Wilhelmenia Fernandez... could she have been replaced by Battle? (no, TV listings for the airdate confirm Fernandez)
  • Brian Muehl as Alphabet Bates might be Episode 1461. He's not credited in the script, but it aired when he was doing Sesame and the description matches the photo from the 40 Years book. ADDENDUM: seems to have been multiple segments... Episode 1336 credits "Brian as Alphabet Bates"



  • Episode 0441 is credited to Annie Evans which can't be possible; script is presented in a modern format indicating that it was likely transcribed from elsewhere and someone didn't didn't change the "writer" field.
  • Episode 2709 missing street segment
  • Episode 3177 empty
  • Episode 3209 missing
  • there's a season 25 insert doc for a segment with Sigourney Weaver but it's not in the episode script. sounds like she was replaced by Laurence Fishburne
  • Episode 0036 has a character called Mr. Glopper played by someone called "Buddy" (Buddy who?)

EKAs and Firsts

scripts that note Muppet and Cast segment FIRSTs:

  • seasons 1-11

scripts that note Muppet, Cast, Film, and Animation FIRSTs:

scripts that only note the premiere season for all segments followed by a reference number (maybe a reel designation or just an assigned number):

  • 16-end

lost episodes


  • a lot of season 1 scripts seem to have Gordon sitting around doing nothing in the kitchen while Susan runs around and waits on him. I think Joan Ganz Cooney addresses this in her TV Archive Interview. Also look through Sesame Street gender stereotyping reports and other CTW documents. Producers may have quickly shifted based on letters as Susan is in a nurse's uniform as early as Episode 0125. She also has a segment in that episode where she makes a point to note that some women have jobs outside of the home.
  • open question: Susan calls the Two-Headed Monster "Bill-Bill" in the Episode 1712 script. Did this carry over to the finished product and we have yet another set of names for him/them?
  • Radar first appearance
    • Episode 1211 script features BB's teddy bear, but doesn't name him.
    • Episode 1217 script has a teddy bear for BB called Teddy.
    • Episode 1245 script references BB's teddy bear with no name.
    • Episode 1255 script has typed dialogue referencing BB's teddy bear, with "Radar" pencilled in.

Video maintenance

Since Fandom stopped adding Category:Video to videos added with the video tool, run this script and add category before checking for dead videos:


For my eventual essay about the value of Special:WhatLinksHere: after establishing Fran Brill characters with 95 entries cultivated from the filmography we'd put together on the Fran Brill article plus some additional items from memory (via discussion with the community at Forum:Character galleries), I used WLH to find an additional 32 entries just for the voiceover section alone and another legitimate 98 characters.

To do list

CSS and JS

("." are for classes, "#" are for IDs)

  • MediaWiki:Fandomdesktop.css

my CSS and JS


custom URLs

bypass custom CSS, see native skin
  • ?usesitecss (legacy wikis)
  • ?safemode=1 (UCP)
  • ?useskin=oasis
  • ?useskin=wikiamobile "wikiamobile" was replaced by "mercury"
  • ?useskin=fandommobile
  • ?useskin=fandomdesktop

Fandom staff

Fandom staff reaching out to us:

Helpful bits

interwiki diff links


UCP looks to maybe not be carrying over orientation switches. Look into using wikipedia:Template:CSS image crop somehow, maybe.


social media
purge cache

Welcome tool

defined at w:c:Help:Welcome_tool ... not working since UCP move (zendesk ticket 1022631)


Wiki Activity Monitor

Wiki Activity Monitor (WAM) Score is an indicator of the strength and momentum of a FANDOM community. AKA most popular wikis. Muppet Wiki is categorized under TV. [14] (archived)

Popular, most-used



Search fails

Why we've had to so carefully curate thousands of redirects just so that people can get to what they're looking for:


Legacy features restored in August 2021


{{landscapetable|no spaces required for file name}}


{{medialink|filename=file_name_requires_underscores_for_spaces|text=Any text here.}}

{{facebookvideo|pagename|numbers|caption=Your caption here.}}


Namespaces that can be used on Special:AllPages and Special:RecentChanges (the latter hides them from the url)...

Articles AP RC namespace=0
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User AP RC namespace=2
User talk AP RC namespace=3
Muppet Wiki AP RC namespace=4
Muppet Wiki talk AP RC namespace=5
File AP RC namespace=6
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MediaWiki AP RC namespace=8
MediaWiki talk AP RC namespace=9
Template AP RC namespace=10
Template talk AP RC namespace=11
Help AP RC namespace=12
Help talk AP RC namespace=13
Category AP RC namespace=14
Category talk AP RC namespace=15
Sandbox (custom) AP RC namespace=100
Sandbox talk (custom) AP RC namespace=101
Forum AP RC namespace=110
Forum talk AP RC namespace=111
Module AP RC namespace=828
Module talk AP RC namespace=829
Message Wall AP RC namespace=1200
(Message Wall) Thread AP RC namespace=1201
Message Wall Greeting AP RC namespace=1202
Board AP RC namespace=2000
(Special:Forum) Board Thread AP RC namespace=2001
Topic AP RC namespace=2002

url shorteners

Sometime in late 2019, Fandom began blocking url shortners from bit•ly and shorturl•at but tinyurl-DOT-com still seems to be working. However, this too may go away.

use %2E for . (dot)

Thread links fix

this no longer appears to work

  • WhatLinksHere sometimes refers to a malformed message wall link, for example:


  • To find the proper Thread, follow the link which should redirect to (i.e.) Message_Wall:Aleal?page=3#comm-191269
  • Apply the numbers after #comm to Thread: and that will take you to the post.
  • To get to the parent thread, click the link in the date on that post.
  • as found in AWB, %40 may need to be converted to @ and a Thread: prefix added (just follow format above)

video production terms


drawn in real time on the screen as opposed to Scanimate which was prepared and animated

described in:


used in scripts to describe taping techniques like this (YouTube) or Milo Counting — seems to mean low frame-rate with quick reverse cuts


used in scripts a lot. see Limbo#Etymology. might be worth its own article.




birth dates


Good reminders that Wikia's two three WYSIWYG editors are garbage:

WYSIWYG crap happening in source editor now:



Alphabet Chat 47.jpg
  • Possibly the only number to appear on screen in The Cube (1969). Its use seems to be of some importance in the story. Possibly chosen on purpose by Henson and Juhl, given their awareness of that type of sub-culture at the time (Juhl's sci-fi story in IF, coffee break machine, etc), to the mathematical proof demonstrated at Pomona College in 1964.
  • Ernie says Elmo is 47 in a Feb 6, 2019 THR video (VIDEO)


Currently deprecated; new method required.



  • find everything after foo


  • find everything before foo



  • find only the first instance of [[Category and ignore the rest:

(?<!\[\[category:.*)(\[\[category:) (singleline)

  • ==References==\n<ref (singleline)
find multiple links

(looks like eliminating these doesn't affect Special:MostLinkedPages anyway)

  • AWB Wiki Database Scanner
  • Text tab, contains, regex:


  • finds pages with multiple occurrences of [[Elmo]] but ignore those pages that only have [[Elmo]] once


odd uses of Muppet Wiki material elsewhere


Geena Davis is an actor. Elizabeth Banks expresses herself similarly in Episode 101: Pig Girls Don't Cry.
Not quite on the wiki
Hope to find someday
  • Frida Kahlo — Joel Schick painted an unofficial parody
  • Fritz Lang's Metropolis — Muppet Babies?

animated gifs

  • {{playgif}} - formerly used before Wikia changed GIF behaviour
  • gif search (not all are animated)
hosting for our Facebook page

(now using giphy)



streamable (link search) and cubeupload

Web Archive


some of the most ridiculous collections we let get out of hand:

invisible characters

that weird character we've been trying to get rid of since 2007 or so.

same bad character shows up in:

After 13 years and no one on staff knowing how to delete it, User:MarkusRost nuked it at Thread:283498 after finding these:

User:PlNG found a similar thing at Thread:289357


MarkusRost used API to find it and delete it:


(generated from User:KockaAdmiralac/Sandbox)

How the heck were these images allowed to be uploaded without a file extension? (possibly from a hashtag in the filename)
  • :File:Bon]]
  • :File:BettyBoop]]
  • :File:Giclee_kermit_plays_a_song]]
  • :File:Hippiepiggy]]
  • :File:MaryMary]]
  • :File:PiggyLane]]
  • :File:Piggyla]]
  • :File:Waldorf]]
check these
  • :File:FrogPrince-Title-Orig.JPEG]]
  • :File:Manning.Jpg]]
  • :File:Wkofai.JPEG]]
these are okay

old YouTube code


Darwin Skin on Muppet Wiki 01

<div style="width:302px; float:right; background-color:#f4f4f4; border:1px solid #d9d9d9; padding:3px; margin-bottom:8px; margin-left:8px; line-height:16px;"><youtube width=302 height=250>HxrZeD4XQXQ</youtube></div>

Kermit recast, 2009

Muppets Now theming

  • Special:Contributions/CzechOut
  • MediaWiki:Common.css
  • File:Community-header-background
  • File:Wiki-wordmark.png
  • [37]
  • MediaWiki:Mainpage.css
  • :Category:Muppets_Now_mainpage_templates
    • Template:Mainpage Box About
    • Template:Mainpage Box Episodes
    • Template:Mainpage Box Facebook
    • Template:Mainpage Box Featured Videos
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    • Template:Mainpage Box Welcome


  • Lego is to LEGO as The Muppet Show is to The MuᵖᵖET sHOw

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I then worked for Wikia from September 2007 to October 2011.
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