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Hi, can you weigh in at Talk:Episode 1176 please? Thanks! β€”Scott (talk) 15:31, May 11, 2010 (UTC)


Hi! Just a reminder, Muppet Wiki isn't a tape trading place. Randomly asking a new user if they have random Sesame Street clips (especially when said user hasn't edited anything related to Sesame). It's impolite and, especially when you have to check your formatting, results in multiple "You have new messages" and essentially comes off as spam. Please stop. Thanks! If you want to place your want list on your user page, so anybody can see it, feel free to do that instead, but don't expect much, since your list seems pretty obscure. -- Andrew Leal (talk) 22:43, 1 May 2009 (UTC)


Hi! What's your source for changing the sponsorships on Episode 0952? Do you actually have a copy of the episode? -- Andrew Leal (talk) 19:47, 20 March 2008 (UTC)


Hi, welcome to Muppet Wiki! Thanks for creating the page Gymnast. Subsequently, I've left a message at Talk:Gymnast if you don't mind checking it out.

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Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! β€”Scott (talk) 15:07, 28 January 2008 (UTC)

Tabled episode 'countdown'

As I write, we are down to under 150 episodes yet to be tabled - 144 to be exact - from all 'past' seasons of Sesame Street. I commend all involved in this effort (and hopefully am also speaking for others in doing so).

Jon (talk) 01:00, 21 November 2020 (UTC)

Another 'milestone' - I was going to mention something yesterday, when we were sitting at 126 episodes to go, but editors continue to 'blaze away' and now we are at 117 episodes to go (in terms of 'past' episodes yet to be tabled), well below the point of 125 where I was originally going to 'celebrate.' BTW, Season 8 is closing in on being done. Great job, all!

Jon (talk) 01:00, 21 November 2020 (UTC)

And the milestones keep being conquered - Season 8 is now done, thanks mostly to MuppetVJ (Guillermo), but also to all those who contribute as well! Five more seasons with episodes to be tabled (and, as most know, one of them - Season 11 - has only one yet to be tabled).

Jon (talk) 01:00, 21 November 2020 (UTC)

I mentioned it somewhat in a post on Oscarfan's wall, but I've now updated my table and we're down to 'double digits' in terms of episodes from seasons past waiting to be tabled - 97 as of this posting. I hope people don't mind me commenting on the progress, because it looks like what only seemed like a 'pipe dream' as recently as a few years ago is now becoming a reality (or close to it)! Great work, all - can't overstate that!

Jon (talk) 01:00, 21 November 2020 (UTC)

Hi, all - with two just-added episodes, one from Guillermo and one from Shane, we are now at 75 more episodes to go in our project of building a fully tabled episode guide! I know that Season 51 has just started as well, so we have that in addition to the older episodes. But, hey, I can see it coming very soon! Great work, editors!

P.S. On top of that, all five seasons remaining (9, 11, 14, 17, and 18) now each have 20 or less episodes yet to be tabled.

Jon (talk) 01:00, 21 November 2020 (UTC)

Hey, Guillermo!!! PLEASE tell us how you do it! The way you keep plugging away at gathering info and assembling it into tables is phenomenal! Not to take anything away from all of the other editors who contribute in any way, shape, or form, of course. As everyone can plainly see (or so I'm hoping), all of the show's first 13 seasons have been fully tabled, with Shane being the 'main provider' for Seasons 10 through 13. Technically, the only thing still in our way is the 'elusive' Episode 1350, but hopefully something will surface in due time! Then it's Seasons 14, 17, and 18, which will (fingers crossed) lead to the Holy Grail!

Please don't even ask me to try to hide my happiness!!!

Jon (talk) 01:00, 21 November 2020 (UTC)

After three more Season 14 episodes were knocked off, we're down to less than 50 episodes to go (48 to be exact) in terms of being tabled. I see that bottle of Dom Perignon right across the room from me, and am thinking of starting to reach for it. Better yet, I can wait a LITTLE more!!!:)

Jon (talk) 01:00, 21 November 2020 (UTC)

I love it!!! Another season - Season 14 - completed. Actually, there's one more episode (1814) to go, but with no 'real' script to work from, that's quite understandable. Fortunately, Guillermo (MuppetVJ) and Tony (MuppetDude) have suggested a Sandbox page for that episode and Episode 1350 from Season 11.

Jon (talk) 01:00, 21 November 2020 (UTC)

Hello, all! As I write, we are down to a quarter-century. That's right - 25 more episodes to go! Two of the 25 - Episodes 1350 and 1814 - do not have 'adequate' scripts to 'work from,' so some editors are thinking of making Sandbox pages for them. In the meantime, I can see the Promised Land right around the corner! Who woulda thunk? -- Jon (talk) 03:09, 22 November 2020 (UTC)

We're inching closer! I'm counting in multiples of 5 now. 20 more episodes to go! Am I excited??? I guess... wait...hope...wait...KNOW so!!! -- Jon (talk) 03:09, 24 November 2020 (UTC)

And we get in 15 more to go! I can see it...almost!!! -- Jon (talk) 03:43, 29 November 2020 (UTC)

We're down to 10 episodes now! I'm trembling, my palms are sweating, I've got goosebumps...well, not exactly, but you all get the point! 6 more in Season 18, 2 more in Season 17, and one each in Seasons 11 (1350) and 14 (1814). Tony (MuppetDude) and Guillermo (MuppetVJ) - out of curiosity, did you say you were going to have Sandbox pages for those two latter episodes? Again, just wondering. Thanks in advance. -- Jon (talk) 06:27, 30 November 2020 (UTC)

The table on my user page should say it all...Guillermo just finished off Season 17, and we're down to just 6 more episodes in Season 18 to go (along, of course, with the two episodes which will tentatively get Sandbox pages)! Euphoria sinking in!!! -- Jon (talk) 22:33, 30 November 2020 (UTC)

Just thought I'd cut in and say I enjoy your enthusiasm! -- MuppetDude (talk) 22:48, 30 November 2020 (UTC)
No problem, Tony! -- Jon (talk) 06:24, 1 December 2020 (UTC)

All that remains for tabling is Episode 2353 as of now!!! The 'Golden Spike' to finish it all! -- Jon (talk) 06:27, 1 December 2020 (UTC)

GREAT WORK EVERYBODY!!! What can I say??? It would probably take me an entire day at my computer to express how grateful I am that we've come so far in the time period which we have, but at this point, I've got to give everybody the credit they rightly deserve! The challenge, of course, would be exactly HOW to do it!!! But at this point, suffice it to say that I'm very happy, ebullient, overcome, euphoric, and perhaps...walking on Cloud 9!!!

I know - we still have those two other episodes to do, but maybe we can work on Sandbox pages (if possible) while waiting. -- Jon (talk) 22:04, 1 December 2020 (UTC)

I guess - in fact KNOW - that I can say it now! CONGRATULATIONS, everybody!!! Great work all!!! With Episode 1350 and Episode 1814 now officially having their own tabled pages, all seasons from the first to the present now have all of their episodes with at least 'EG|20' designations! I know - more imaging to come - but for all practical purposes, the 'skeleton' is done!!! Great work, I say it again!!! -- Jon (talk) 04:47, 11 December 2020 (UTC)

Imaged episode 'countdown'

Hello, all!!! As you may have noticed, I now have a table at this site. As of now, we have exactly 1400 Sesame Street episodes left to be fully imaged. Just thought I'd let everybody know. Great work!!!