Willing on the 2013 documentary Als die Sesamstrasse nach Deutschland kam.


Ute Willing with Manfred Krug, Lilo Pulver and Horst Janson in front of Samson, Finchen, Uli von Bödefeld and Tiffy (1983)

Ute Willing (b. 1958), is a German actress who played Ute on Sesamstrasse from 1981 until 1983.

She replaced Ilse Biberti on the show, and was usually paired with Horst, played by Horst Janson, to interact with Samson, Tiffy, Finchen, and Uli von Bödefeld in the street scene frame stories.

On December 12, 2012, Willing attended the opening of the Berlin-based exhibition 40 Jahre Sesamstrasse accompanying Q&A panelist Horst Janson. In 2013 she appeared in the documentary Als die Sesamstrasse nach Deutschland kam ("Our History: When Sesame Street Came to Germany"), talking about her experience working on the show.

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