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Greeting sign before entering the Vapor Trail queue

Vapor Trail is a rollercoaster at Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA. The ride is themed around the character of Super Grover.

The freeform steel coaster was designed by Vekoma especially for the park. The ride was built in 1997 and opened to the public in the summer of 1998. Vapor Trail was the first major "dry" attraction at Sesame Place, which is primarily a water park. The coaster has 2 trains with 10 cars per train. Riders are seated 2 per-row for a total of 20 riders per train. Riders must be over 3 years of age (over age 7 to ride alone).

Ride Description

The first drop of 56 feet immediately leads into a 540-degree upward helix that finishes only to begin a 180-degree downward spiral helix. Ten car trains travel the 1,300 feet of steel track in just over one minute while reaching speeds of up to 27 mph.


Height: 43 feet
Drop: 56 feet
Top speed: 27 mph
Length: 1,300 feet
Ride time: 1 minute, 15 seconds


External links

  • Professional video of the ride with Super Grover voiceover produced by cdr!de