DEBUT 1996

Varch is the family pet on Aliens in the Family, a dog-like alien creature known as a bouzasz. A furry being with no legs (instead crawling like a snake), Varch cries through his eyelids and possesses a ravenous appetite (consuming cans). His eyes are often hidden by his mat of fur.

His first and most prominent appearance occurred in the episode "You Don't Have a Pet to Be Popular," in which Varch is finally released from quarantine. He terrifies Heather, who hates the creature. Varch communicates through a complex series of honks, yelps, buzzes, and other noises (supplied by Fred Newman for that episode only).

Varch recurs throughout the series, often in the background and occasionally to create minor havoc (dragging a neighbor for miles through the bushes in "A Very Brody Tweeznax").