Vic Polizos, terrified by Miss Piggy's show of feminine strength in The Muppets Take Manhattan

Vic Polizos (b. 1947) is a character actor, most often cast as blue-collar types, cops, or mobsters. He appeared in The Muppets Take Manhattan as one of the three construction workers, aiming the traditional wolf whistles and sexually-charged catcalls at Miss Piggy (until she proves able to bend steel, at which point they all quietly resume their actual construction duties).

Polizos has been a familiar television face since the 1980s, with guest spots on Hill Street Blues, The A-Team, St. Elsewhere, Married... with Children, Roseanne, Murder, She Wrote, Seinfeld, Desperate Housewives, The X-Files, CSI, and Modern Family, plus recurring stints on Jericho (Shep Cale), Boston Legal (as a detective) and Who's the Boss? (as Tony Danza's father-in-law) and an appearance in the ABC TV version of Annie (as a friendly beat cop).

Movies include Prizzi's Honor and Harlem Nights, The Falcon and the Snowman, A Fine Mess, Eraser, Night of the Creeps, One Eight Seven, and Superhero Movie (in the latter three, as a coroner or mortician).

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