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Fozzie Bear posing as a viking on The Muppets.

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Vikings on the German Sesamstrasse spin-off...

Sesamstrasse präsentiert- Die Zeitmaschine DVD (2017-08-18)04

...TV-movie Die Zeitmaschine from 2017.

The Vikings were a historical Scandinavian people, best remembered as sea-faring raiders. Outside of the Muppets, Vikings can still be found in Minnesota.

Link Hogthrob and the pigs portrayed Vikings for a musical number, "In the Navy," in The Muppet Show episode 524.

A group of Whatnot Vikings were also featured in The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson.

On The Muppets' episode "Too Hot to Handler" Fozzie Bear records a couple of regional promos for Up Late with Miss Piggy. In the one for Minnesota, he poses as a viking.

In the German Sesamstrasse spin-off TV-movie Die Zeitmaschine, characters Wolle and Pferd accidentally time travel to a group of Vikings for an adventurous interlude.

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