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Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear

Baby Gonzo as Van Gogh... The Night CafΓ©

Herry admires the work of Vincent van Monster

Vincent van Dough

Kids' Favorite Songs

Cookie Monster at New York City's Museum of Modern Art with the real Starry Night in 2015.

Sesame Street Episode 4911

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) was a Dutch Post-Impressionist artist. Some of his paintings are now among the world's best known, most popular and expensive works of art. Van Gogh's history of mental illness contributed to the legend of cutting off his ear, which is attributed to everything from a fight, to an act of love. Most historians believe that he lost his lobe in a seizure.


  • One of Van Gogh's Sunflowers paintings appears on Kermit's wall in the Elmo's World episode "Frogs".
  • In The Muppet Show episode 109, Gonzo asks of Kermit's attention, to which he replies he can "lend [him his] ear for a moment." Gonzo takes it literally and asks what he would do with his ear. Kermit responds, "Van Gogh impressions."
  • As a reference within a reference, Joe Mathieu spoofed Norman Rockwell's Triple Self Portrait with Grover taking the place of the famed painter. Taking the place of the Van Gogh self portrait Rockwell included on the easel, is an Anything Muppet Vincent van Gogh self portrait.
  • Cookie Monster admires Van Go-Get-Cookie's Cookie Night at the Museum of Monster Art in the 2015 storybook All Aboard!
  • In a 2012 Loaded interview, Gonzo claims that when van Gogh cut his own ear off, it was an act of artist genius that nobody "got". He says he'd do the same if he had ears of his own.
  • Sesame Street’s Facebook page posted a parody of Bert as one of Van Gogh's self portraits on January 3, 2017.
  • In Episode 4911 of Sesame Street, a Honker checks out a biography of van Gogh from the Sesame Street Library. The front cover features one of his self portraits, while the back cover shows an image of Starry Night.



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