PERFORMER Camille Bonora

Vivian Vase is an antique urn interviewed on Sesame Street by Dicky Tick for his "In, On, and Under" show. She tells her story about how her career began as a standstill, because she was stuck for some time up on a shelf in a closet. Then one night, when the owners of the house were throwing a party, she suddenly got a lucky break. This was the breaking of the vase on display at the time. So, Vivian was taken out of the closet and, without any rehearsal, put on the mantle. Everyone loved her, and she has been on the mantle ever since.

Vivian opens both her eyes only when talking and closed them as if was asleep. She does, however, give Dicky a wink once during the interview and once when it is over. 

Her voice and speaking mannerism is based on Mae West.