PERFORMER Angie Milliken
DEBUT 1999

Volmae appeared in the Farscape episode "Thank God it's Friday. Again".

She presents her self to John Crichton as being the leader on the planet Sykar, however it turns out that she is only a marionette for the Peacekeepers, who are using the planet to harvest the tannot root, with no regard for the effects it has on the planet or it's population.

She is immune to the effects of the tannot root, because she has a worm inside of her that feeds of the tannot root. She knows that the plant has some kind of value to the Peacekeepers, but unsure of its actual purpose. Her plan is to steal the last batch of tannot root and escape with it on Moya, so she attempts to get everyone from the crew down on the planet, so she can control them. However Crichton, has received a worm that makes him immune to the tannont root effects, and discovers her plans and also what the Peacekeepers use the tannot root for. He manage to convince her that the Peacekeepers use the root to fuel their weapons and that they as a people can fight against the Peacekeepers and reverse the effects the tannot root have had on Sykar.

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