WD Eye Summer 1990
Mickey consoles Kermit WD Eye 1990

WD Eye is a magazine published for Walt Disney Imagineering employees. As the inside cover states, it is "Complimentary for Imagineers, Big Bucks for Disneyana Collectors".


  • Issue 6 (Summer 1990) — A two-page spread is dedicated to "Jim Henson: Muppet Memories" with contributions from Imagineers who had worked with Jim Henson to develop projects for the Disney Parks. Carolyn Yates compiled testimonies from Tom Fitzgerald (Vice President, Theme Park Productions), Kathy Rogers (Show Producer, Muppet*Vision 3D), Joe Lanzisero (Concept Designer), Tim Kirk (Senior Concept Designer), Eric Jacobson (Executive Designer, Disney-MGM Studios), and Kevin Rafferty (Senior Concept Writer). Memorial artworks were provided by Jim Shull, Joe Lanzisero, Tim Kirk, and Craid McNair Wilson, with photos featuring Henson, Kermit the Frog, Ritamarie Peruggi, Tom Fitzgerald, Dori Berenstein, Brian Henson, William Plant, John Stephenson, John Geraghty, Duncan Kenworthy, Peter Seimbab, Ellis Flyte, Alex Rockwell, Michael Sprout, Michael K. Frith, Marcelo Vignali, Joe Lanzisero, Ann Osterhout, Cory Sewelson, Paul Osterhout, Jim Lewis, Kathy Rogers, Colette Chaghouri, and Craig Yoe.