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{{performer|Rickey Boyd}}
{{character|image=AnimalJam.jpg|performer=[[Rickey Boyd]]|debut=2003}}
[[Image:AnimalJam.jpg|thumb|300px|Waffle with Edi]]
'''Waffle''' is one of the hosts of ''[[Animal Jam]]''.
'''Waffle''' is one of the hosts of ''[[Animal Jam]]''.

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DEBUT 2003

Waffle is one of the hosts of Animal Jam.

He is a monkey who dresses like a cowboy. He gets the kids' attention to dance by saying "listen up with your cow-monkey ears," and wiggles his ears on his own.

He always likes to take on a challenge such as in "The Not So Moving Episode," when Edi challenges him to a freezing contest to see who can play Ginger the Jungle Slug for the day.

The puppet was also used in Puppet Up! - Uncensored.

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