Ralph (left) and Wally (right)
PERFORMER Joe Ponazecki Wally
  Paul Price Ralph
DEBUT 1971

Wally and Ralph debuted on Sesame Street in Season 3.

Many of their sketches were similar in style to the Buddy and Jim sketches; so much so, in fact, that at least one segment, the "Mirror" segment, was a remake of a Buddy and Jim skit.

The theme music for this series was composed by Joe Raposo.


Waste Basket

Wally brings home a new waste basket inside a paper bag, but doesn't know how to discard the paper bag once he's removed the waste basket from it. (First: Episode 0318)


Wally and Ralph are about to go on a trip. They attempt to carry off an empty suitcase and a pile of stuff (shirts, pants, socks, tennis rackets, baseball gloves). They finally get the idea that it would be easier if they put the stuff in the suitcase. (EKA: Episode 0319)


Wally and Ralph try to unroll a rug, but a chair in the way presents a problem. (EKA: Episode 0323)


The duo tries to put on jackets after a very big meal. (EKA: Episode 0329)

Wet Shirt

Ralph is standing between two trees, playing with a long piece of rope like a cowboy. Along comes Wally carrying a wet shirt. Together, they solve the problem of where to hang the wet shirt to dry. They tie the ends of the rope around their chests, stretch it, and hang the shirt between them. (EKA: Episode 0331)

Locked Door

Wally sits alone in a room holding a giant key while Ralph tries to come in through a locked door. Wally suggests using the giant key to break the door down, but Ralph climbs in through the window to show him how a key is used to unlock a door. Ralph can now come in. (First: Episode 0338)

Wally and Ralph open window
Open Window

Wally and Ralph use various objects trying to keep a newspaper from blowing away next to an open window. (First: Episode 0340)

Wally Ralph mirror

Wally gives Ralph a mirror as a present. Wally looks at it, and says it is a picture of himself. But when Ralph looks at it, he sees a picture of himself. When they look at it together, they see a picture of both of them. This sketch was a re-shoot of a Buddy and Jim sketch. (First: Episode 0342)

Wally and Ralph plant
Swinging Door

The duo tries to figure out how to keep a swinging door open while they carry a heavy plant out of the room. (EKA: Episode 0344)

Setting a Table

Wally and Ralph try to figure out how to set a table. Ralph puts two plates, two cups and two saucers on the table first, leaving Wally with the problem of how to get the tablecloth on under the dishes. (EKA: Episode 0351)


The duo is outside in the rain. With access to a pushcart full of umbrellas, they open one after another and throw them aside on the ground. They are consequently puzzled as to how umbrellas keep you dry. Finally, when one of them suggests "taking the wrapping off" of it first (i.e., the cloth part), they reduce an umbrella down to the ribs just as the rain stops. It works! (EKA: Episode 0355)

Wally and Ralph rain box
Rain Box

Wally thanks Ralph for a box of stuff he's been gifted, but worries about how he'll get home in the rain without getting wet. He empties the box's contents to use as a covering on his head, but now he has nothing to carry all that stuff with. (First: Episode 0359)


Wally and Ralph take turns sitting at the bottom of a slide saying "weee!" but they don't find it very fun. Wally pushes Ralph from the bottom to the top, and Ralph comes down the ladder to let Wally have a turn. "Weee!" (First: Episode 0380)

Short Table Leg

Wally and Ralph attempt to play a board game, but when they move their table into better light, the brick that was propping up the shorter leg stays behind. They try various methods of stabilizing the table, finally settling on using the board game. Without access to the game, they decide to play with the brick instead. (First: Episode 0388)

Wally ralph nail balloon

The duo uses a nail in an attempt to hang a picture to a wall. This sketch was a re-shoot of a Buddy and Jim sketch. (EKA: Episode 0425)

Sleeping Bags

(EKA: Episode 0440)

Pants and Belts

(EKA: Episode 0443)


Wally and Ralph figure out how to properly use the see-saw. (First: Episode 0444)

Baseball Cap

Putting on a cap to get ready for baseball. (EKA: Episode 0514)


Wally borrows a pencil from Ralph, but he writes using the wrong end. (EKA: Episode 0560)


The duo buys a large jar of glue. The jar was unlabeled, so they get a label reading "Glue". But they cannot figure out how to get the label to stick to the jar. At one point, they accidentally spill some glue on the table; they use the label to wipe it up. Still with no solution, they decide to go out to dinner. So they put the label somewhere (on the jar!) and leave.

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