Walt Teas from a 1955 radio station trade ad

Walt Teas (full name Walter Teas Jr., 1922-2007) was an announcer and voice-over actor who spent most of his career around Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C.. While in the latter, he supplied the voice of the Prime Minister in Jim Henson's 1962 pilot Tales of the Tinkerdee.

Teas began his career in radio in the 1940s, first in Dallas, Texas and then as a newscaster in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Settling in Baltimore in 1953, he became one of the main announcers/personalities for WFRB (with the tagline "Walt Teas, if you please.") He began freelancing in the Washington area, often working with Flo Ayres (who voiced Sissy Skunk in the premiere of Sesame Street).

Teas supplied commercial voice-overs, airport PA announcements, and narration for the National Parks Service at the Gettysburg battlefield and Independence Hall in Philadelphia. He narrated film strips for the National Education Association and recorded animal character voices for the Maryland theme park Enchanted Forest. He was heard with Ayres in the 1997 computer game Callahan's Crosstime Saloon.

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