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Warrick Brownlow-Pike and the Chamberlain

Brownlow-Pike with The Chamberlain

Warrick Brownlow-Pike and Walter

Brownlow-Pike cuddles with Walter on the set of Muppets Most Wanted from On Set with Walter.

Warrick Brownlow-Pike on MMW set

Brownlow-Pike (far right) on the set of Muppets Most Wanted with James Bobin.

Warrick Brownlow-Pike (b. January 28, 1985) is a British puppeteer who performs Gonger on The Furchester Hotel, and on Sesame Street since season 48. Gonger stars in the "Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck" segments, which Brownlow-Pike pitched to the producers (and received writing credit for). He has also assisted for The Muppets and Sesame characters in many of their UK appearances, and was a lead 'UK Muppet performer' in Muppets Most Wanted.

He has been assistant puppeteer for Elmo and Abby Cadabby's UK appearances and Sesame Street. He also assisted Eric Jacobson with Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear in a musical number on The X Factor and for PR and publicity shoots.

Brownlow-Pike was also an additional puppeteer on the Henson Company-produced That Puppet Game Show. For the 2014 premiere of The Furchester Hotel, he performed a Muppet reporter named Haywood, who covered the event.[1] (YouTube)

He performed the Chamberlain Skeksis amongst others and was Second Assistant Puppet Captain on the Netflix/Henson 'Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance'.

From 2001 through 2005, he worked with toy company Palisades as a "Muppet Consultant" on the figures, concentrating on the look and design of the characters. He also conceived the Invisible Fozzie Action Figure. In 2005, he was thanked in the credits of Interviews with Fraggle Rock Creators & Puppeteers and Behind the Scenes in Frogtown Hollow for supplying behind the scenes images.

Brownlow-Pike's other puppetry includes a long list of UK television shows including working for the BBC since 2007 on various productions, including Oucho T. Cactus and Dodge T. Dog for CBBC presentation, Space Pirates and Get Well Soon for CBeebies and adult puppetry TV show Mongrels for BBC Three.

Warrick's original character Dodge the Dog, who he has been performing since 2010, has performed on Comic Relief and Blue Peter, met Queen Elizabeth II, interviewed Tom Jones, and Henry Winkler, sang with Dionne Warwick and went to The Muppets UK premiere to meet Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Muppet credits[]

  • Milkshake! - Assistant Puppeteer to Kevin Clash performing Elmo in the UK for Channel 5 live presentation, June 2010 and Sept 2011
  • Sesame Street "ElmOlympian" - Assistant Puppeteer to Kevin Clash performing Elmo, Sept 2011
  • The X Factor - Assistant Puppeteer to Eric Jacobson with Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear. Doubled up for Animal dancing (with Eric performing Piggy) for Olly Murs’ tour. Assisted for PR/Promotional shoot, live musical number on the X Factor with Olly Murs, Nov 2011.
  • Dodge the Dog at The Muppets (2011) UK Premiere - Performer of original BBC character Dodge the Dog at the UK movie premiere with Kermit and Miss Piggy, 2011
  • Games Inc - BBC1 and The Jim Henson Company pilot that became That Puppet Game Show. Performed puppets in the opening titles and assistant puppeteer on pilot, June 2012.
  • Milkshake! - Assistant Puppeteer to Leslie Carrara-Rudolph performing Abby in the UK for Channel 5 live presentation, Aug 2012
  • Muppets Most Wanted - UK Muppet Performer. Doubled up for main characters, Assisting the core cast of puppeteers. Performed Monkeys, Babies, Frackles, Monsters and assorted Muppets, Jan-Apr 2013.
  • On Set with Walter - Features as himself in promotional shoot, also features in behind the scenes content, Jan-Apr 2013.
  • That Puppet Game Show - Performed and voiced a Hot Dog, Assistant Puppeteer, Puppet kit hire and promotional appearance for Jim Henson Company and BBC series, June 2013
  • The Furchester Hotel - Season one. Performer of hundreds of assorted Hotel guests, 2014
  • The Furchester Hotel Promotional Video - Performer of Haywood for a promotional shoot, 2014
  • The Furchester Hotel - Season two. Performer of Gonger and hundreds of assorted Hotel guests. Doubled for Elmo when Ryan Dillon performed other characters and occasionally doubled for Cookie Monster, doubled for Big Bird in the Christmas special and promo whilst Matt Vogel performed the Count, 2016
  • Sesame Street - Season 48, Gonger joined the domestic show. Performer of Gonger and creator and writer of Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck, 2017
  • Muppets "Love Muppets Shoot" - Assistant Puppeteer to Matt Vogel, David Rudman and Eric Jacobson. Doubled up for Miss Piggy and Animal whilst Eric performed Sam and Piggy, 2017
  • Sainsbury's Commercial - Assistant Puppeteer to Matt Vogel with Kermit the Frog, 2017
  • Sesame Street - Season 49, Performer of Gonger, 2018
  • Sesame Street - Season 50, Performer of Gonger. Gonger in his first street story in Episode 5002. Also performed a dog in Episode 5024, 2018
  • Cookie and Gonger Animations Voiced three animated Gonger segments for Sesame Street YouTube, 2018
  • Sesame Street Live - Make Your Magic - Voice Performer of Gonger for the FELD live tour, 2018
  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Performer of Gonger, 2018
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - Second Assistant Puppet Captain, Performer of SkekSil the Chamberlain and Deet's father Lath'n. Voiced and performed Freckles the Red Haired Paladin Gelfling, The Male Skeksis Podling Servant. Performed on the Pluff'm team, the Hunter Skeksis team, Nurloc team and hundreds of Gelfling, Podlings and Froudian Creatures, 2019
  • Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration - Muppet performer of Gonger, Panicked Purple Monster, Banner holding Pigeon, Mumford’s Bunny, Gold Sandwich Eating Monster, Green Anything Muppet in Hoopers. Assisting Elmo, Kermit’s feet, Big Bird, Ernie, Herry and Cookie Monster. Double up for Two Headed Monster, May 2019
  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Performer of Gonger, 2019
  • Sesame Street - Season 51, Performer of Gonger. Gonger in street story in Episode 5120. Also performed a tall yellow monster in Episode 5111. Doubled for Big Bird, whilst Matt Vogel performed Mr Johnson in Episode 5103, Assisted Carmen Osbahr with Rosita in Episode 5118, Assisted Octopus in Episode 5130.
  • Elmo's Playdate: Scavenger Hunt - Performer of Gonger, shot from home during pandemic, 2020
  • Snack Chat - Performer of Gonger for a series of eight segments with Yummly/Lactaid, shot from home during pandemic, 2020
  • The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley & Friends Voice Performer of Gonger and a british Beatle, 2020
  • Sesame Street - Season 52, Performer of Gonger
  • See Us Coming Together Special - Performer of Gonger


  1. Personal communication with Andrew Spooner by Anthony T.

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