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Written by Tony Geiss and Stephen Lawrence
Date 1980
Publisher Ephemeral Music, SJL Music, Sesame Street Inc.
First Episode 1405

Behind the scenes

"We Are All Monsters" is a song from Sesame Street sung by four monsters about how, although they are all different, they are all still monsters.

Muppet performers include Jim Henson (Harvey Monster), Frank Oz (Clancy), Richard Hunt (Kermit the Forg), and Jerry Nelson, who performed the red monster that would later be known as Elmo. Originally, Nelson played the monster with a low, gruff voice, but in 1990, after Elmo was established as a major character, his lines were redubbed by Kevin Clash. (First: Episode 2731)

On the video Monster Hits!, the group of monsters is called "The Furtones."


Audio (Original)
Video (New)