Music by Jeff Moss
Lyrics by Jon Stone
Date 1987
Publisher Festival Attractions Inc.

"Wedding Pictures" is a song sung in Episode 2485 of Sesame Street as character's thoughts at Maria and Luis's wedding.

It first tells of the couple's mixed feelings toward getting married. They both believe that they might have made a mistake marrying each other. They rethink and decide that he/she is wonderful.

Also joining in the song, Mrs. Figueroa (Maria's mother) and Tio Jose (Luis' uncle) declare their thoughts. Elmo has a verse expressing the worry he has that he might drop the wedding rings. David has a verse where he thinks that although he has known Maria his whole life, he cannot imagine her becoming a bride. Oscar just wishes that the organ could play again because it was "nice and loud." Bob thinks a verse about maybe marrying Linda. She shows a thought bubble of her signing her love of him (accompanied with vocals by Ivy Austin).


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