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Written by Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner
Date 1975
Source Welcome to My Nightmare (album)

"Welcome to My Nightmare" is the first track on the concept album of the same name, which marked Alice Cooper's first solo recording effort.

Cooper performed his song as the opening number on episode 307 of The Muppet Show in a set that evoked a smoky, dilapidated crypt populated by bats and skeletons. In addition to wearing his traditional face make-up, Cooper was dressed as Dracula and began the number by rising from a coffin. He was joined partway through the song by the Vile Bunch (consisting of Chopped Liver, Silver Beak, Flower-Eating Monster, a guitarist, and a drummer), a back-up band that materialized from thin air after the first verse.

At the beginning of the song's instrumental break, Cooper summoned a transparent, mummy-like ghost from beneath the floor. He alternately controlled the demon and danced with it. As the number drew to a close, the ghost, band, and guest star each dematerialized in succession, at which point a close-up of Alice's spectral, green face appeared, smiling menacingly.

After the number, Kermit noted that "it wasn't this spooky when Julie Andrews did the show." Nevertheless, Julie Andrews did perform a spooky closing number, "I Whistle a Happy Tune," with a variety of Muppet monsters when she appeared on the show.

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