Written by Christopher Cerf & Jon Stone
Date 1984
Publisher Splotched Animal Music (BMI)
Polecat Music Music (ASCAP)
Sesame Street, Inc. (ASCAP)
First Episode 2033
Sesame Street Wet Paint

Sesame Street Wet Paint

How Now Brown and the Moo Wave sing "Wet Paint."

"Wet Paint" is a song from Sesame Street, performed by How Now Brown and the Moo Wave. The song describes what wet paint is and how it is properly used.

The music video is introduced by an SMV (Sesame Music Video) Hot Pink Anything Muppet VJ (performed by Fran Brill), who explains the band's backstory. The video features chroma-keyed background footage of paint continually splashing and dripping on solid white and blue back drops. It also features How Now Brown's feet in red galoshes dancing on a paint-smeared yellow tarp. By the end of the song, How Now Brown (wearing a chroma-keyed vest) becomes obsessed with wet paint, which begins to coat the screen as it slowly melts away (including the MTV-style captions).


  • The SMV introduction would later be removed in further airings as early as Episode 2240. Both versions of the song were available for viewing on Sesamestreet.org until 2016.
  • The fictional MTV-spoofed channel name "Sesame Music Video" used in initial airings of the song would later on be used again as the name for Count von Count's music video countdown show on Count It Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street, a video also featuring this song.
  • While the televised version of the video has MTV-style captions that refer to "Splotchkat Records," the captions were changed on the Count It Higher video (to remain consistent with the other songs on the video using faux captions) referring to Signs of the Times and Mootown Records; the lyrics to this song were released on a songbook in the original release of the video.



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