PERFORMER Joey Mazzarino
DEBUT 1992
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Whamo the Rental Magician is a character from the story of "CinderTelly," as written by Flo Bear in a season 23 episode of Sesame Street.

In lieu of a Fairy Godmother, CinderTelly calls upon Whamo, the rental magician, to help him get some clothes for the bowling ball. Whamo recites his magic words ("Alla walla bing bang!") and poofs up a old pair of bowling shoes and a shirt. He recommends recycling them to spruce them up, using some odor eaters and "sparkly things." He adds he can't do anything about CinderTelly's hair; he's a magician, not a beautician.

Next, CinderTelly needs a bowling ball to use. Whamo turns his mice companions into balls of varying sizes, none of which he can bowl with. Whamo finally conjures a gift certificate to Eddie's Bowl & Stroll, where CinderTelly can get a free ball. For a ride there, Whamo recommends they turn one of his mice friends into a powder-blue sedan.

The same puppet was used as a magician later in a season 27 episode.