Written by Andrew Gutelle
Illustrator Judith Hunt
Published 1986
Publisher Crown Books
ISBN 0517561921

What's a Gonzo? is a 1986 Muppet Babies storybook starring Baby Gonzo.


In the story, Detective Gonzo attempts to figure out what he is. Baby Rowlf suggests he may be a jungle bird, Baby Piggy suggests he might be a monkey with a banana nose, Baby Fozzie thinks he could be a blue chicken.

Gonzo is intrigued when he sees someone else who looks like him - his image in the mirror. Gonzo steps through a mirror where he meets his mirror image, Zonzo. Gonzo finds himself in a weird world populated by creatures who look like him. He sets off to ask the creatures what he is, but none of them know. He asks Momzo, Aunt Tonzo, Dr. Donzo, Admiral Bronzo, The Flying Flonzos, Clonzo, Alfonzo, Professor Ronzo, and finally The Great Garbanzo.

The Great Garbanzo shows Gonzo his "Onzometer," a tool which can tie shoelaces, shuffle playing cards, make strawberry milkshakes, and answer questions. Gonzo poses his question of "what am I" to the onzometer. Gonzo describes himself to the machine (which the help of his newfound friends) and gets the answer "you are Gonzo." The Great Garbanzo explains that "you might not know what you are, but you know who you are."

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