Written by Gilbert F. Becaud, Pierre LeRoyer, and Carl Sigman
Publisher BMG Songs, Inc.

"What Now My Love?" is performed by Miss Piggy on episode 115 of The Muppet Show. She credits feminist guest star Candice Bergen as responsible for convincing Kermit to allow her to perform her first opening number.

As Piggy sings, three Whatnot back-up singers gradually transform into monsters with fangs, horns, and eyeliner, and chase her around, and finally off, the stage.

Although she had previously had two solos on The Muppet Show, this was the first major singing performance by Frank Oz as Piggy, since her vocals in "Temptation" were provided by Richard Hunt, and "(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song" was a UK Spot and not seen by American audiences.