Written by Bonnie Worth
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published 1993
Publisher Grolier
Series Muppet Kids
ISBN 0717283321

What a Mess! is a Muppet Kids book featuring Scooter and Skeeter.


Scooter likes to keep the room that he and Skeeter share neat and tidy, but Skeeter is always running off somewhere and doesn't help with cleaning the room. Scooter begs her to help, but when Skeeter keeps putting it off, he ends up cleaning it all by himself. He wishes, though, that Skeeter would help and asks Kermit the Frog for advice. Kermit suggests simply leaving the room be for a while, so that Skeeter will see what happens if the room is left messy. Scooter agrees and though it takes a while, Skeeter eventually sees the benefit of having a clean room once she can't find her stuff and runs out of clean clothes.