Music by Burt Bacharach
Lyrics by Hal David
Date 1965
Source "I Remember the Boy" (single)
Publisher Casa David
New Hidden Valley Music Co.

"What the World Needs Now Is Love" is a pop song released by Jackie DeShannon in 1965.

On Sesame Street, the song is performed by Bob when he explains that, just like plants need water and sunlight, people need things too. Like, love. (First: Episode 0070)

On Muppets Tonight, it is sung by Johnny Fiama in episode 110. During the performance, a heckler in the audience is heard. Sal Minella goes to deal with the heckler, but mistakenly attacks Beaker instead.


On Sesame Street, a segment of this song was shown using mother bears and their cubs. However, on the German co-production Sesamstrasse, it was men and women embracing.[1]


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