Taylor films behind-the-scenes footage on set during a taping of Hikayat Simsim.

When Muppets Dream of Peace is a documentary that was being produced by Highlander Pictures and Lumiere Productions. Originally set to air on PBS in 2009, the company website later suggested a possible 2010 release, however the film has not been released, nor any updates as to its future.

Directed by New York-based filmmaker David Van Taylor, the film aimed to shed some perspective on the making of Middle Eastern versions of Sesame Street over the past few years. Taylor spent time in the region to film behind-the-scenes material for his documentary, and includes interviews with puppeteers and show executives.[1] The documentary was planned to be released at both 90 minute and 60 minute lengths.

Segments from the documentary were screened during the Other Israel Film Festival at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan on November 8, 2008. The presentation was hosted by Taylor and Sesame Workshop project director Danny Labin, and featured footage from the 2006 version of Rechov Sumsum.[2]

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