Music by Philip Balsam
Lyrics by Dennis Lee
Publisher Jim Henson Productions, Inc.

"Whoops! Feelin' Better!" is a song that acts as an antidote to cure those who had been affected by the Boredom Juice in Episode 318 of Fraggle Rock. According to the cure's instructions, for the song to be effective, one must also do a particular dance while wearing a bowl on their head.

The song was first sung by Junior Gorg to cure Gobo Fraggle from the juice. Because Wembley, Red and Mokey were bored stiff inside Kissing Rock, Junior singing by himself wasn't loud enough to un-bore them. Later, when Junior Gorg becomes bored stiff, Gobo sings the song to break the boredom spell. When Junior snaps out of it, he joins in singing with Gobo which was enough to cure Wembley, Red and Mokey, who all join in on the reprise.The flower that had the boredom juice dumped on it by Junior is even cured by the group singing.