Written by Deborah Hautzig
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1986
Publisher Random House
Series Sesame Street Start-to-Read
ISBN 0394980603

Why Are You So Mean to Me? is a 1986 Sesame Street storybook featuring Grover, Betty Lou, Big Bird, and Oscar the Grouch.

Grover's Mommy gives him a new baseball bat on the day of the school picnic at Bluebird Park. Grover has fun playing with Betty Lou and the other students at the park, but when it's time to pick teams for baseball, nobody wants to pick Grover. They know that he never played it before.

During the game, Grover can't hit the ball, and the other kids tease him. He walks home in a very bad mood. He bumps into Big Bird, who happens to be painting a picture of Grover. "That stinks!" Grover shouts. "That does not look like me at all!"

Big Bird starts to tear up, saying, "Grover, why are you so mean to me? I am your FRIEND!" Grover breaks down, and explains to Big Bird and Oscar about what happened at the baseball game. They help Grover -- Oscar gives him an old ball to play with, and Big Bird helps Grover practice his hitting. He apologizes to Big Bird for yelling at him and thanks him for the picture, goes home, and tells his mother about his day.


  • Grover
  • Grover's Mommy
  • Truman
  • Betty Lou
  • Jill
  • Big Bird
  • Oscar the Grouch
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