Wiggleprise in space.

Slimey rocket

A print-out for the Wiggleprise from Sesame Street's website at the time.

The wormship Wiggleprise is a vessel designed by WASA to take five worms (and one chicken stowaway) into space. Her crew complement consists of Slimey from the United States, Spaghettini from Italy, Squishta from Romania, Legusano from Colombia and Squashimi from Japan. The ship is equipped with chairs that have seatbelts, beds for the worms to sleep in, a full stock of freeze-dried pizza, a library full of books and a bowling alley (but no swimming pool).

The Wiggleprise was also featured in the Worms in Space sketches.

The name of the ship is a spoof of Star Trek’s Enterprise; indeed her mission is also inspired by the famous words spoken by Captain Kirk:

Space, the final frontier. This is the voyage of the wormship Wiggleprise and its crew of five very brave, very smart and very cute little worms, whose mission is to explore space and the moon, and to boldly wiggle where no worm has wiggled before.


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