Written by Chip Taylor
Date 1966
Source single by The Troggs
Publisher EMI Blackwood Music Inc.

"Wild Thing" is a hit song written by New York-born songwriter Chip Taylor and originally recorded by the Wild Ones in 1965. The song is probably best known for its 1966 cover by the English band The Troggs, leading many to assume they are the original artist; however, the Troggs' version is only one of several covers.

Animal sang "Wild Thing" in episode 222 of The Muppet Show, accompanying himself with a raucous drum beat. At the end of the number, Animal is dragged away by Janice and a pig with nets.

Kermit, Floyd, and Animal later performed the song on the 1994 album Kermit Unpigged. Kermit is hoping to play a nice, quiet, unplugged version on his ukulele -- "Wild thing, dee-dum, ding, dum"—but Animal insists on plugging in. After the exuberant performance, Floyd takes a worn out Animal away for "num-nums and a nap."


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