Will Glickman was a writer and playwright who was head writer for The Jimmy Dean Show, including material for Rowlf the Dog. In 1973, Glickman was in meetings with Jim Henson and fellow writers Jerry Juhl and Jerry Ross to discuss script ideas for The Muppets Valentine Show.[1] However, Glickman's name was omitted from the final special.

Glickman spent his early career scripting for radio shows, including The Alan Young Show and adapting film and stage scripts for The Ford Theatre (1947-1948). On Broadway, he often collaborated with Joseph Stein, starting with the 1948 review Lend an Ear and including the comedy Mrs. Gibbons' Boys (1949) and the book for the musical Plain and Fancy (1955, with Barbara Cook and music by Albert Hague).

For television, Glickman adapted several NBC live musicals (1954-1955), including Babes in Toyland and The Chocolate Soldier. He wrote for variety series such as Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall and the sitcom Car 54, Where Are You? The Will Glickman Award, given to authors of new plays premiering in San Francisco, was established in 1984.


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