Release Date 1997
Produced by Sony Wonder
Format VHS
ISBN 1573307289

William Wegman's Mother Goose is a 1997 Sesame Street video starring William Wegman's dogs. In the 30-minute video, Mother Goose tries to teach her son, Simon Goose, how to rhyme using some of her famous nursery rhymes.

Some of the nursery rhyme segments aired on Sesame Street as regular inserts with minor differences in music, editing, and sound effects.



Wegman's Dogs:

Batty, Chundo, Crooky, Chip, Buster

Special appearances by:

Buster, Batty's puppies (Chester, Chip, Dr. Green, and Hector)


  • Director: William Wegman
  • Producer: Andrea Beeman
  • Camera: Allen Cohen
  • Narrator: William Wegman
  • Additional Voiceover: Andrea Beeman
  • Hands: Andrea Beeman, Jason Burch, Lisa Martin, Kathryn Ott, Pam Wegman
  • Feet: Andrea Beeman
  • Original Music: Mark De Gli Antoni, Tom Judson
  • Arrangements: Lawrence Lipnik
  • Supervising Producer for CTW: Arlene Sherman