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Muppets, Inc. produced a series of twenty four commercials for Wilson's Meats from 1965 to 1967, featuring two Muppets named Scoop and Skip.[1]

As in most Muppet "buddy" commercials (like those featuring Wilkins and Wontkins), one character favored the product while the other one did not. Unlike previous ads, the character's interest in the product varied from ad to ad. Two meeting films were also produced, explaining how the Wilson's commercials are made.


Picture Title Description
Brand X Skip asks storeowner Scoop to give him Brand X canned ham instead of Wilson's Certified Ham. Scoop says he won't like it, but Skip is insistent. Scoop literally brands an X on Skip's stomach, claiming that with Wilson's Certified, "you never get burned".
Leaning Tower of Pisa The duo are in Italy because, according to Skip, "there's nothing leaner than Wilson's Certified Bacon!". The tower leans, crushing him.
Mad Scientist Mad scientist Skip has developed a bacon as good as Wilson's Certified, much to Scoop's disbelief. Skip's thesis is proven wrong upon biting into a strip of bacon and exploding.
Parachutes Scoop doesn't fall for Wilson's Certified Cold Cuts, but he does after Skip cuts his parachute strings.
Psychiatrist Skip sees a therapist (Scoop), begging for help as he thinks he's a Wilson's Festival Ham. Scoop recommends him to not do anything and be happy, because Wilson's Festival Hams are always smoked and cured to perfection. Skip takes it the wrong way and believes he has been cured (and even smoked). What a ham.
Rocket Launch Skip wonders if eating Wilson's Certified Franks will make him an astronaut. He finds that they do give him a lift.
Survey Scoop, conducting an impartial survey, convinces Skip to say that he eats Wilson's Certified Franks by whacking him with a signpost.
Wilsons franks.JPG
The Champ Scoop endorses Wilson's Certified Franks by claiming that "the Champ" (Skip) gets his brute strength from eating them. Skip points out that he doesn't eat them, and ends up crushed by his barbell.

Other Titles

Behind-the-scenes of "Survey."

Behind-the-scenes of "Make Me a Hot Dog."

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  • Blob
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  • Make Me a Hot Dog[2]
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