Select inhabitants of the pet store

Wilson's Pet Store is an establishment which purveys domestic pets in Kermit's Swamp Years. The store is located in Leland, Mississippi and, as the name implies, is owned by Wilson. Residents of the store include Jack Rabbit, Roy, Chico, Vicki, and assorted frogs. Blotch and Goggles are found by Wilson and held in the shop.

Although the front sign reads "Wilson's Pet Shop," the sign on the truck, and all interior logos, use "Wilson's Pet Store."

The store is filled with a variety of pet products, many of which are labelled as behind-the-scenes inside jokes. There's Nelson's Super-Fine Pet Food, a box marked Sir Richard, Puppet Chow (instead of Puppy Chow), Frank & Steve's Monkey Shines, Goelz Guddy Grub and Salmon Friends.

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