Music by Felix Bernard
Lyrics by Richard B. Smith
Date 1934
Publisher WB Music Corp., Warner-Chappell Music, Inc.

Gonzo and the chickens on The Muppet Show.

Today Connick

Harry Connick Jr. attempts to perform the song on The Muppets Take Over Today.

National Christmas Tree 2011

Kermit, Carson Daly, Santa Claus and the Obamas lead a sing along at the National Christmas Tree Lighting.

"Winter Wonderland" is a winter song, popularly treated as a Christmastime pop standard, written in 1934, that has been recorded by over 150 different artists including Guy Lombardo, Perry Como, Bette Midler and Ozzy Osbourne & Jessica Simpson.

The song has had additional lyrics included on various recordings. The original lyrics include references to Parson Brown, a Protestant minister, who can marry a couple. These lyrics were first substituted in 1953 with those about a Snowman, due to concerns that the original bridge of the song was inappropriate for children.

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