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Wogan was a chat show on British television, hosted by Terry Wogan from 1981 to 1992.

December 6, 1985 - Jim Henson appears and talks about Lena Horne being one of the first guests, making Kermit and his evolution into a frog for The Frog Prince (although he actually evolved to a frog earlier). Kermit talks about being 30, his relationship with Miss Piggy and Jim being someone he doesn’t talk about – he can't handle it. Joni Mitchell is also a guest. A clip of the appearance, where Kermit is talking about how important Jim Henson is in making him a success, was featured in Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey.

October 30, 1987 – Lord Grade is a guest and talks about meeting the Muppets on a Julie Andrews special. Kermit (reading Lou’s autobiography Still Dancing) and Miss Piggy sitting on a park bench in central park. Piggy tells of how Lou and her went on a date. Jim Henson and Frank Oz sitting on a park bench, Lou talks about Frank liking cigars. Jim talks about filming some ads for National Wildlife Federation in the park.

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