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PERFORMER Martin Reinl
DEBUT 2010

Wolf is a tough green wolf who appears in the Sesamstrasse spin-off series Eine Möhre für Zwei.

At times perceived as an antagonist to Pferd and Wolle, the gruff character has a friendly side as well, which often surfaces near the end of his appearances.

The Wolf is a regular supporting character on a large number of the show's episodes and even made a brief guest appearance on Sesamstrasse's 40th anniversary episode.


  • The green Wolf puppet has been used in various roles on Sesamstrasse, most notable as the Wolf vom Wörtersee.
  • During his and Finchen's January 6, 2013 live appearance on DAS!, advertising Sesamstrasses 40th anniversary celebrations, Wolf mentions a tattoo that is allegedly "hidden somewhere on his body," but claims to be too shy to show it off.